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    Reader 9 does not open LiveCycle protected PDF's on OSX


      My daughter uses an electronic online learning environment at school. This website contains PDF's that are protected with Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management. But Adobe Reader (latest version 9.3.4) cannot open these PDF's. It shows an error dialog stating that "You can only open this document when connected to the network". As you might have guessed, we are connected to the network already.


      It gets even more interesting when we e-mail the PDF's to other people. These files can be opened under Windows and under Linux with no problems, in IE and FireFox. This even works without logging in to the e-learning website! But although it is possible to open the document on a Mac, which has a size of about 2.9 MB, its contents stays completely blank.


      I tried this on 3 Mac's, from 3 different networks, with all combinations of Safari, Firefox, Preview and Adobe Reader. With and without the OSX firewall enabled, and using both OSX 10.5 and 10.6. I am using the latest versions of all software, all with the default preferences after standard installation.


      I would really like some suggestions on how to solve this. The school cannot help, the e-learning platform company does not want to help because they do not support "individual cases" and the content provider (publisher of the PDF's) does not respond to my questions by e-mail.