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    Director still buggy - Saving file makes it grow until it corrupts


      After updating to patch a new, serious bug.


      When you save a dir file, even if you make NO changes to it, the file grow in size. Now, My dir file is about 700 megs (due to alot of graphics) and every time I hit the save button  the file grows by almost 100 megs EVERY save. If I am doing any dynamic member management, import new graphics, or anything like that, it grows even more.


      it grows and grows and grows until:


      1) You have and compact - which with  large files like mine can take quite a bit of time.

      2) Your file get's so big that director crashs while saving, corrupting the dir and killing it forever and ever and ever.






      There are still TONS of annoying bugs in this update, but this one is new and is seriously a pain in the ***.


      Anyone know how to fix this or if Adobe is planning on another release soon to fix it?

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          I don't know the specifics about your project, but 700 MB in one movie file sounds like a lot if it's your main movie. Is there a reason you can't have your media in an externally linked cast during development, and change it to internal (if you have to) when publishing? With the media external, compacting your file should be much faster, assuming you don't change any media in that cast.


          Still, director shouldn't behave like this, even with such large files, things like this is why I'm still coding in dx2004.