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    Tone mapping


      Is it possible to use Tone mapping in LR 3.2,It works OK with PS cs5 but sofar no success in LR ?

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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          Uh...there are a ton of "tone mapping" tools already in Lightroom's Develop module. Exactly what are you trying to do?

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            RichardLowes Level 1


                    Tone mapping is part of Photomatix ( HDR ), it makes tonal  adjustments much easier.

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              Tone mapping as done in Photomatix  is part of one of the various workflows that allow one to convert a number of differently exposed shots of a scene to a single image with a wide dynamic range. I don't believe Lightroom provides any capacity for combining differently exposed shots of a single image and I doubt whether doing so would ever be part of its development path. Photomatix comes with an excellent LIghtroom plugin.


              BTW, for windows users, Oloneo is a very promising beta of a new app for HDR imaging. Well worth a .look, IMHO, although it doesn't as yet integrate very comfortably with Lightroom.

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                99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I really hate that “so obvious” Photomatix HDR look.

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                  My relationship with Photomatix has been troubled, but I have always been willing to attribute that to my failings rather than those of the program. It is very powerful and can achieve a wide range of "looks" as well as the stereotypical HDR style but I have never really learned to drive its user interface.  "It's me, it's not you" will be my parting words if I do end up duming it for the "cheese eating surrender monkey" charms of Oloneo, which is notably easy to - ahem - drive. Don't misunderstand me - some of my best friends are frenchies. Remembering that this is a Lightroom thread, I would end by saying that Lightroom integration will be a deal breaker for me.  At this point, Oloneo won't even  open tiffs exported from Lightroom. I have raised this with the developers but haven't had a reply.

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                    camerahans Level 2

                    export in that case your HDR set from LR to CS5 and look there at the "tone mapping" possibilities specific for HDR

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                      johnhawk666 Level 3

                      Yes, so often an HDR picture produced by Photomatix (or other similar programme) looks as though it's made up of internally glowing elements - totally artificial to my eyes.

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                        Charlie Choc Level 4

                        It's possible to make completely 'natural' looking images with Photomatix and other HDR software, the final result is the product of the operator not the vehicle. ;-)