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    Flash Player for Android 1.6 & 2.1 ( And other lower versions )

    Antansium Community Member

      Hey all, Welcome.


      I have been looking for Flash Players for my phone an LG Optimus GT540. My phone aswell as other 1.6 Androids and lower versions, our devices can handle flash player and i don't know why Adobe is not making FP for 1.6. If they are then........well.......thank you =), ( dont take tooo long tho if you do ).

      Anyways the GT540 has Youtube and that runs great and the res is very good, now if im not mistaken Youtube runs FP doesn't it???? or it has been designed to run with the GT540.

      So my question is and what this discussion is ultimately about is, Why isn't there FP for the Android 1.6 & 2.1 and lower versions!!!.


      Also i would like to add how many phones in the world have flash player. I think we are the only people ( Android users except for android 2.2 ) IN THE WORLD, who do NOT have FP. I mean for an extra £10 ( UK ) i could of got a Nokia 5530 and had flash player!!. The GT540 is waaayyy better than that phone and it doesn't have FP! That really disgusts me.


      I want to know if there is going to be FP for the Android 1.6. Oohhh and i would like to add that, LG have from said from email:


      Dear xxx,


      Thank you for your email,


      Unfortunately we do  not have any specific dates with regards to the update for the android  operating system, we do know that it is coming though.


      We wait in anticipation with you.


      I hope this helps and any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us again.


      Best regards,
      LG Electronics UK Helpdesk


      So from this email we know that 2.1 is coming from LG soon.


      Thank You for reading.

      Let the discussion BEGIN +D