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    5 Easy steps to get your iPhone Application Uploaded to iTunes via the Flash Packager for iPhone

    Sputn1k Community Member


      1. Go to the iOS Provisioning Portal and setup your Distribution Certificate & Distribution Provisioning Profile (this is Distribution NOT Developer so make sure you select the other tab).


      2. Generate a .p12 Certificate from the Distribution Certificate (the .mobileprovision is fine how it is).


      3. Within the Flash IDE select your Distribution Certificate & Distribution Provisioning Profile to be used then make sure you select under iPhone deployment type, Deployment - Apple App Store. Generate your .ipa file.


      4. Transfer your .ipa file to a Apple Mac Computer, rename the .ipa file to .zip file extension, then extract the .zip file it will output a folder called Payload open it and within that folder will be a file with the same name as your Application. Right click and select Compress.


      5. Now open up Application Loader and your good to go!


      Ok well not so easy ...


      Taken from my blog