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    Will Pay For Solution - Automating File Creation With CSV Merge


      Hello all -


      I am fairly new to InDesign and have been tasked with something beyond my ken. Any help is greatly appreciated and will be compensated for.


      Here is what I need to do...


      We have an asp.net application that allows resume data for specific employees to be pulled from a database and put into a CSV file. The application is designed to select multiple employees at once and put them all into the same CSV file. I have designed and InDesign template that I can merge with this CSV file manually and create all the resumes at once for print. What we need is a way to have our application send the CSV file to InDesign and have it automatically import the CSV file into the pre-designed template and export a pdf with a file name of our choosing into a folder on our network. On the application side we are going to then provide a link for the user to download or open the finished PDF for printing.


      Thank you.