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    True 24fps Film Project out to DVCam Tape - Proper Settings?


      I have a TRUE 24fps 1080x1920 Uncompressed Quicktime of my film.  I'm  going to be using Premiere Pro CS5 connected via Firewire to a Sony  HVR-Z1U Camcorder, which is capable of DVCAM recording and playback.  I  need to record the film to DVCAM tape for a film festival....and I was wondering 2 things:

      1.  What framerate is needed for DVCam?  I'm guessing I will need to convert the film to 23.976 before outputing it to tape....

      2.  If I need to convert to a 23.976 file beforehand....what is the best  quality file for output to DVCam?  The best way I know of currently to  convert my true 24p footage to 23.976 is by going into After Effects and  converting to MPEG2...setting the M-Frame to 3 and the N-Frame to 12 so  I avoid conversion flicker problems....but I know MPEG2 will probably  be pretty lossy compared to other file formats that DVCam tapes can  handle.

      Any help would be much appreciated!



      Doron Kipper