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    My Download History is gone


      When I log into my Adobe account to download Photoshop CS3 to my new computer, there is no history.  It says "You have no orders" and "You have no downloads."  I have the original email with my order number, serial key, etc. for my download purchase of CS3.  I found where I could input the order number on the Adobe website, and it showed the CS3 purchase record.  When I click on the download link it takes me back to the same problem.  I called Customer Service and they said they can't help me because they don't sell CS3 anymore.


      Thank you for any help.

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          KarenStore Adobe Employee



          I looked at your account information and it appears you have 2 user accounts with the same email address.  One of them does show the CS3 order and you will be able to download from that order when you login to the account that you used for the original purchase.

          I have escalated your issue to our production support team to take a look at the 2 user accounts and to help you resolve the issue.  Someone on that team is already looking into the issue for you.


          After they sort our what happened and why you have 2 user accounts, you should simply be able to login to the Adobe account and pull up the order details and go download.  I've asked them to email you when they resolve the account problem.





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            I'm encountering much the same problem with a CS4 Design Standard download from the Adobe Online Store. I have the Receipt/Order Number for the $499 upgrade and the Serial Product Key, however my download histories, subscription histories, etc. have been eliminated. I was able to print out the receipt as recently as 29 AUG 2010 but can no longer bring up the link for a fresh download.


            On 12 SEP 2010 an Adobe Customer Service representative offered to merge my two accounts into one because our email servers are temporarily unable to access our domain name. It seemed a good idea at the time, but it appears that the purchase dates, histories, etc. were lost in the process. Everything that did merge (~30 products) reverted to a 12 SEP 2010 date, the number of licenses I'd purchased, and several unregistered licenses have disappeared.


            Right now, I'm only concerned with restoring the CS4 Design Standard to working order. Eight hours on the phone with Tech Support in Delhi (Open Case #181790547) have not produced any solutions (product updates won't install) — only their firm insistence that: i.) a link to CS4 no longer exists; and ii.) I must instead purchase an upgrade to CS5. This answer doesn't really work the problem. Where might I turn to elevate the discussion a little higher in the food chain? Many thanks,


            David C Dudley

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              What email address are you using to login and check your download? You should be using your old address (the one you used to purchase the products). And as far as I know, download link for purchased products is good for 2 years only.

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                dcdudley Level 1

                Hi Franco...


                Thanks for your message. By way of response, it's rather a long story which boils down to my having created more than one account over 20 years, with evolving email addresses (at the same domain) and roaming profiles on three different platforms which don't consistently update stored passwords across our LAN/WAN very well (if at all). Not all sysadmins or staff bothered to register every installation, let alone using a consistent company name and address, thus, my access to registered product purchases became hit-or-miss.


                A helpful Adobe Customer Support person sought to consolidate all the registered product serial key numbers she could find under one, new, email address since server access to old domain name hasn't yet been restored. It seemed like a good solution at the time, however an ongoing problem with my downloaded Mac upgrade to CS4 failing to accept and install updates revealed that the links to previous downloads, and their respective histories, were eliminated at the same point the accounts were consolidated.


                Meanwhile, in Delhi, Tech Support concluded after 2+ weeks on a cell phone that I should uninstall my version of CS4 and reinstall a fresh version. After explaining why that was no longer possible, they enthusiastically insisted that it was indeed true, links to CS4 no longer exist, CS4 DVDs have been recalled and burned, and I must purchase an upgrade to CS5.


                Notwithstanding the cost of upgrading what had been until recently a perfectly serviceable CS4 product, I suggested their response was something of a non-answer, and it begged the question whether an upgrade would indeed solve whatever problem I'm experiencing. In any event, that case remains open but a most helpful Adobe employee read my posts and sent a message early today that she would be pleased to look into the matter if I would provide a few more details. The problem(s) are now interrelated and involve both Customer Service and Tech Support, and though she's evidently with a separate team, the offer to move my problem higher up the food chain is gratefully received…as is your own response.


                Many thanks, I'll let you know how it proceeds. Regards,


                David Dudley

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                  KarenStore Adobe Employee

                  Hi David,


                  I sent you a private email with details about your account.  You have access to your downloads via one of the accounts you sent me.  You simply need to log into that account and go to your downloads.


                  The customer service rep mispoke when they said we have purged your CS4 downloads.  We (the online store) don't delete your download history and we haven't purged CS4 downloads.  Those files are all still available for download.  The standard Adobe policy  http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/000/ba0deba2.html  is that we keep downloads available for 3 years, so it is always good to make a copy just in case.


                  As for your current situation, after you download the installers again, I would recommend that you uninstall on the machine you currently have the product installed on so that you deactivate any previous installations.  Then reinstall.....and don't forget to make a backup copy.




                  Adobe Online Store

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                    dcdudley Level 1

                    Hi Karen...


                    Thank you once more for solving this fairly trivial problem which was nonetheless vexing on my end. I was able to log in to my former account just as you'd suggested, and am in the process of downloading fresh copies of the various components for CS4 and their updates. Most particularly, I will burn them to a DVD for permanent access.


                    My hunch is that a completely fresh install will do the trick. If not, I still have an open case with T/S and a fresh copy to work with. Cheers... you've certainly made my day.



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                      I am having the same problem. I have had CS4 for a year or more and i just had to reinstall Vista and when i went to redownlad the programs i had none in my order history. This is the only account/ID i have ever had with Adobe, any help?

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                        KarenStore Adobe Employee



                        This is Karen from the store team.

                        I had someone in membership investigate and it appears you placed that order under a different email address/adobe ID.


                        I'll send you a private email to confirm some data and let you know what the account id was.


                        Just as an fyi to everyone, your order history won't "disappear".  Typically this appears to have happened because the user may have used a different ID when placing the order.


                        Customer Service can assist with resolving these issues with membership for you.



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                          I seem to be having the same problem.  I checked my original e-mail confirmation and made sure to log in with the same e-mail address.  But when I look through my purchase history, I do not see Illustrator CS3 there: the order history is blank.  Can you help?




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                            dcdudley Level 1



                            It's been about a year since that problem occurred but I recall being contacted an Adobe staff-member who combs these message boards reasonably often (at least daily) looking for posts such as yours and mine for which the solution requires a behind-the-scenes understanding of the table of organization. At this moment I don't recall her name, but she's located in the US and, judging by results, has sufficient experience and authority to redirect or escalate those problems defying solution to whomever it is within Adobe's US tech or customer support capable of understanding your problem and fixing same.


                            What's more…she followed through with a callback to ensure I'd been able to properly work the problem from my end! That alone erased the antipathy born of several hours over several days on a cell phone with the relentlessly optimistic but undeviating drones of Delhi Tech Support who may as well have been answering for Maytag or Adobe.


                            Long story made short, my difficulty arose from having registered software with plural user names and passwords. Early on, all that was required was a simple name (e.g. "ddudley") but later the policy changed to utilize email addresses. My staff and I didn't help much by failing to standardize with one email address for all registrations…or often by failing to register at all.


                            Fortunately, if you can recollect the combinations of usernames (and passwords, if possible) under which the product was originally registered, there is an Oz behind the curtain who can locate the record of your purchase, upgrade or other transaction transaction and restore its utility. Notwithstanding any insistence to the contrary by the Delhi Call Center, I am assured by the helpful soul who responded to me that Adobe does indeed keep records of its product sales and registrations…and does not "destroy" masters of previously purchased software which, though outdated, is still available for the purchaser to download.


                            In my case, it simply required posting to the right forum or message board until someone who, figuratively and literally, "speaks the language" read it and knew what to do. Hope you find that person sooner than later. DCD