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    list background shade problem

    rck_Cena77 Level 1

      i had a list whenever i try to add or delete a element they is a small white rectangle is forming, how to get rid of it.


      i set contentbackgroundcolor="0"


      here is some of the code:


      <mx:Canvas><s:Group x="0"  y="0"><s:BitmapImage source="@Embed('/assets/images/LegendBackground.png')" smooth="true"/> </s:Group>
        <mx:List ><mx:itemRenderer><fx:Component><mx:Grid ><mx:GridRow><mx:GridItem >


      actually the grid row contains one paragraph, when i add or delete new one they is white rectangle for a sec, i want to remove i, and scroll bar is not of fixed size changes when it comes to bottom


      i set like


      List.measuredHeight=List.measureHeightOfItems()+List.viewMetrics.top+List.viewMetrics.bott om;


      any help


      thanks for reading