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        Fmdpa2 Level 1

        I was the victim of a fraud copy of photoshop cs4 extended once. I recieved an offer from a reputable seller (an individual). The offer seemed legitimate..."Sealed box". I bought it, and I had some issues installing it, but it ran fine once it was installed. One day I got an error screen when I started the program that requesting the serial number, or running as trial. At that point I was sure that it was not a legitimate copy. That was very disappointing. From that, I've learned that it is worth the extra money to get a real version of photoshop. Instead of using a stolen version of photoshop, I use gimp now. It is free of course, and some say it is a lot like Photoshop, but I feel at home when I download a trial version of Photoshop CS. Certain minor differences actually make a big difference. I'll have to invest in the full program one of these days.


        P.S. I'm guessing that the person who sold me the program was actually the one who got ripped off, not me (well, both of us...). After all, he said that he purchased it from another guy in a fairly large quantity.

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          dec9 Level 5

          No, you wrote plain as day that you were using a hacked version of Photoshop. Then you purchased a legal copy when you could afford it. Don't sugar coat theft by pulling out the poverty card. Theft is theft.

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            anton20032002 Level 1

            Thanks buddy,


            I will try it later on because now, I have already completely removed Acrobat. I am using WIN7 and I;ve just found Flexnet service. The services was running but the setting it was to manual. Then , I change it to Auto ( with a delayed start). See the attached Flexnet screenshot.


            At the moment, I face another problem. I bought my new laptop with Ms office Home and Student 2007 60 Day Trial. Since I bought Ms office Home and Student 2007 60 Day Trial, I face a lot of problems. One of them is the Powerpoint Application. Powerpoint always opens with an error regardless the 60 Day license which now expired (see the attached - Powerpoint error- screenshot). THIS ERROR CANNOT BE FIXED UNLESS YOU RE-INSTALL WHOLE MS OFFICE. EVEN MORE, THIS ERROR CANNOT BE REPAIRED IF YOU TRY TO REPAIR IT FROM CONTROL PANEL> PROGRAM AND FEATURES(see the attached - Repair Ms Office- screenshot).


            My comment is that Microsoft is controlling the market worldwide and indirectly receives money from everybody because the manufacturing computer companies sell their pcs with the pre installed Microsoft products by using Trial Versions as a result the consumers forced and buy them. This monopoly should stop!



            At my case, I feel a victim because when I bought my laptop the Ms office Home and Student 2007 Trial Software, it was already pre installed on my pc without the enclosed CD of this software. As a result, I cannot fix any errors by re-installing it but just pay to buy the full version.



            Flexnet.pngRepair Ms Office.pngPowerpoint error.png

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              You get a PC chock full of good software cheaply, but without media to restore it from if it fails; then despite the operating system's recommendations you make no backup yourself from which you can restore it; you practice unsafe or stupid computing practices that result in "errors" - more correctly described as "you loaded it up with junk and broke it"; then you blame Microsoft for bad business practices?  You feel like you're a victim?



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                jazzcat88 Level 1

                Do you have a life Noel or do you just hang out waiting for the latest notes here so you can spew your self righteous drivel? Not EVERYBODY can be a computer god like you seem to think you are...ummm hmmm why ARE you on this particular posting thread? with your know it all attitude one would think you just waved your arms at problems. Give Anton a break...calling his errors stupid? what did you call YOUR errors before you knew better? I can't count the number of systems I have worked on over the years where problems could have been avoided if only the people had known better, but ya know what? That is part of what is known as the learning process. I watch my wife on occasion making errors... but I don't call HER stupid...she has a Ph.D. in chemistry for gosh sakes and happens to work for one of the worlds largest tech companies but she too learns every day. As for Antons grief over pre loaded software....hey I feel his pain. Frankly I wish they would just give you a CD or (cheaper option) links to download trialware instead of just loading up the computers with them. In spite of your statement : You get a PC chock full of good software cheaply... not everybody wants or needs that stuff. The only time I get stuck with all that trial crap is when I buy a laptop as I have built all of my desktops and servers for 20 years but getting preloaded stuff HAS come back to haunt me in other areas... like my new EVO phone...loaded with resource hogging stuff I do not want OR need. And don't even start trying to defend MS's business practices; you might not be old enough to remember when IE was a total joke and MS was trying to get some market share. "Somehow" back then if you happened to go to he MS site using another browser you would "somehow" get infected with something which would cause your browser to flip out. Add to that the long list of things... some shady, some seedy, that MS has done to dominate the market and it makes one think you might be an MS mole if you scream too loudly about how COOL MS is LOL.


                Ok here endeth my rant; I'm glad to see others are still finding this thread even though it is STILL the case that if you go to the Adobe site and search for the error code this thread addresses you come up empty handed.


                I don't know if this is still an issues with CS5....I don't have the budget to upgrade my CS4 Master collection yet.

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  Oh, thank you for your opinion.  I shall treasure it.


                  Silly rants aside, it is actually possible to get a great deal of value out of Microsoft software.  And if Microsoft simply gets your goat, just buy a Mac.



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                    dec9 Level 5

                    You still can make a boot disk and also a set of back up disks. The laptop manufacturer has (or may have) its own back up program to make the backup disks. Windows 7 can also do the same thing. Both ways will pull the complete install off of a seperate  partitioned space on your hard drive. Also look for a manufacter option to restore your computer to origional manufacturer specs. You will need about 6 DVD's and about 2.5 hours if I remember right.


                    Also make a bootable DVD disk for the Operating system at the very least.

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                      jazzcat88 Level 1

                      My point was and IS that I think we can be a little nicer and more understanding here in this forum. We obviously have widely varied levels of knowledge and I for one don't think it serves any of us well to go calling each other silly or stupid or anything else.


                      I am VERY grateful I found this thread as when my Adobe suite flipped out I was at a total loss at what to do and Adobe's "official" channels (that *I* found at any rate) offered no solution. I again offer my thanks to wssparky who provided the link to the fix I used.


                      Also, I am NOT in any way saying there is no value to be found in MS's software. Given the fact my copy (signature edition) of Win7 Ultimate was actually GIVEN to me by MS and the fact I was able through a program MS has to buy the Office 2010 suite for $9.95 I'd be a hypocrite to try and claim they offer no value. That said however, I still feel for Anton and his plight. Like the rest of us I'm sure he will learn from this experience. I still maintain that all the "bundled" stuff that comes with a new computer can be a mixed "blessing". All of the manufacturers have links to trial ware on their sites so preloading it isn't doing anybody that big of a favor. The first thing I do with a factory built computer is a wipe following which I do a clean installation of whatever I actually want on my computer but that's just me.


                      Again, thanks to all who provide assistance here and my apologies if I have offended anyone.




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                        anton20032002 Level 1

                        Thanks Jazzcat88



                        Noel Carboni was teased a lot



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                          Fmdpa2 Level 1

                          I got Office 2010 Pro for $9.95, too! What a great deal.

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                            GrootLensDude Level 1

                            Ah nutsack! Where can I pull my poverty card to get Office at that price as well?

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                              Fmdpa2 Level 1

                              In my case, it was a program Microsoft had going for a certain group of people for ONE day.

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                                anton20032002 Level 1

                                Another Error but Now:

                                Error Code 147:6  See the attached screenshot


                                New Acrobat Error.png

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                                  ht64 Level 1

                                  I have had this code several time now, fixed it after a clean install of operating system and software disks  I've had some problems with dreamweaver as well

                                  Signature: <link removed>http://www.howtogetricheasily.com

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                                    Zeltig Level 1

                                    Although I know it will not solve all the problems, and it will definitely not fixed the problem if there are underlining causes. These cause can be many, too many to list. The usual culprit for this error is the 'FLEXnet Licensing Service' has been disabled or has been stopped.


                                    To fix this, on windows, simply go to your services menu and re-enable it.


                                    StartMenu >> Run.. >> 'services.msc' >> 'Hit Enter'


                                    Scroll Down and look for 'FLEXnet Licensing Service'. Double click, 'enable' the service, then 'start' the service. Select whether you want it to start automatically or manual.


                                    If you continue to have this problem, then there is another program interfering with it, and more in depth analysis is needed.


                                    This may not 'Fix' your problem, but it is a good place to start.


                                    As well as it may get your Adobe program working for a bit, just enough to finish that project.



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                                      Sylvia's Kitchen Level 1

                                      Thank you wssparky! I was having the same issue, and the link you mentioned worked brilliantly

                                      Great forum. Much appreciated. Blessings.

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                                        supermousy@hughes.net Level 1

                                        While those who feel you should contact support, it appears support has sent us (receiving Error 148:3) to them. Apparently, they want you to pay to get some help. I sympathize because I'm in the same situation and seem to be getting the preverbial run around. Maybe someone out there is not looking to charge for assisting us who need help.

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                                          achinni Level 1

                                          Thank you wssparky! I was having the same issue, and the link you mentioned worked brilliantly


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                                            Grey Guru Level 1

                                            I also owe my thanks to wssparky. It was only afterwards that I found extra posts pointing the finger at FLEXNet Licensing services. I cleaned out a bunch of start-up programs and didn't recognise this program or publisher. For the record I was using autoruns from Microsoft's sysinternals, but any tool that lets you stop certain start-up programs at boot time would have done the same.


                                            I had suspected something to do with start-ups, so I went back and checked every line with the word Adobe in it, but I still got the "licensing" problem after re-boots.


                                            Finally, the Adobe licencing tool mentioned by wssparky fixed the problem, but it would certainly be nice if the word Adobe had been used somewhere instead of "FLEXNet", then I might not have wasted so much time.

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                                              cbarrier Level 1

                                              I have downloaded the repair tool, but I must be doing something wrong, I am still getting the error code. Can someone help me? I guess I need step by step instructions on how to run this tool after I have downloaded it.

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                                                junior mx-er Level 1

                                                You didn't provide any detail. Can one assume you extracted the files and then ran the main one after you downloaded?



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                                                  cbarrier Level 1

                                                  Yes I did download and extract the file, but could not get it to work. I then went to control panel remove or repair and selected repair. That worked, I had to use the install disk, but Photoshop is now working.


                                                  Thank You for your response.

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                                                    HereThere1 Level 1

                                                    I started an account just to ask this question:


                                                    Why does the top of this thread say...


                                                    Error Code 148:3 - Photoshop CS4 for Windows

                                                    Jan 3, 2012 12:10 PM


                                                    .... when in fact the thread was started on March 16, 2009?


                                                    There is no post whatsoever in this thread with the date "Jan 3, 2012." So why is it timestamped up there?

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                                                      Grey Guru Level 1

                                                      @ HereThere1 - Did you notice that there are two pages of posts? The OP is on p1.

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                                                        jimb29714230 Level 1

                                                        Thanks.  Will try it and report back.

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                                                          jimb29714230 Level 1

                                                          the JT Smith methos did not work at all - tried twice and rebooted each time - no efrfect.


                                                          Tried the http://www.adobe.com/go/kb405970  link and solution number 2.  Worked a treat.  The FLEXnet had been disabled on both the 32 and 64 bit versions so I made them manual and it worked well.


                                                          Many thanks.

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                                                            darryd Level 1

                                                            Thank you. This did the trick.

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