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    ID CS5 for designing websites?

    tpstom-ggDek1 Level 1

      Hi there all you helpful people!


      I have asked this question before - but it was a while ago and I wondered if things had changed for anyone.


      Is anyone using IDCS5 for designing/prototyping websites?


      I am a print and web designer and use ID for all my print work and FW for all my web work.


      Increasingly I am getting more and more frustrated with FW - so many simple things that it does sooooooo badly compared to ID.


      Now that IDCS5 has the ability to design in pixels there is the option to design websites in ID, however, it will not export to png format and I know that will make it hard for our coders to use.


      Does anybody have any experiences of using it to design websites and if you do, what workflow do you use?


      Thanks in advance.