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    How do I take data from a data grid and put it into a variable?


      I am having problems taking data from a datagrid (guess you got that from the title) and setting it to a variable. I am tak

      ing the data from 3 different rss feeds, depending on what button you press, and showing it in a grid. I would like to be able to do more with this data. Here is my code so far:


      <mx:VBox id="vbox" x="70" y="150">
        <mx:Label text="This Data Grid is doing nothing" />
        <mx:DataGrid width="1000" dataProvider="{fullXML}">
          <mx:DataGridColumn id="dataGrid" *dataField="channel.description" headerText="Feed"/>

      <!-- from test 5 -->
      <mx:Move id="moved" target="{hbox}" repeatCount="0" easingFunction="mx.effects.easing.Linear.easeIn" />

      <mx:HBox id="hbox" fontSize="12" fontFamily="courier">
        <mx:Label text="{website**}" />



      * this is the data I want to get out


      ** this is where I want to be able to put the variable.


      I don't know if I can do it here or if I need a function or what.


      I would like to be able to put it into an array, but step one is anything at all, so I'm trying just a variable.