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    Allocation size for 1tb drive?


      What's the best allocation size for optimal performance on a 1tb drive?  Is it safe to leave it as default when formatting as ntfs?

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          OOPS....After posting this.......Dont know how this got into this forum, I was on another more related topic????




          Need some advice on some hardware.


          Have to "temper" addittional expenses right now to absolute must haves. Budget is fairly tight since we just added a new workstation and upgraded from CS4 to CS5 on Win 7 64bit.


          The main reason we updated was to cut down Export/rendering times which was very slow on the former CS4 Win XP 32 bit environment.


          Data security is for us is NOT an issue on the editing systems, since all raw data and projects are backed up on a RAID 5 Server.


          Our production is mostly shorts, all shot on a Sony HVR Z7U using digital data pak.  Our finished production pieces are typically 5 - 7 minutes long exported for HD and export a lot in H.264.




          1) Looking for the minimal CUDA card to buy that will help export rendering speeds.  Have a Nvidia FX 3400 right now, but I understand that does not support CUDA.


          2) Can someone recommend a reasonably priced Raid card to do RAID 5.  Been a while since I dealt with this sort of thing.


          3) System at present has 4 gig RAM (is that fairly good or would you say I absolutely need to go higher)


          Just to give you an idea of our setup:


          Workstations are fully dedicated to editing.


          HP xw 6400

          Win 7 64bit

          4 gig

          OS and Apps are on a 500 gig WD drive

          have 2 x 1T WD Caviar Black HDs





          Have learned a lot by following these forums

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            1. GTX 460


            2. Intel has decent raid5 cards, Areca and Atto are very expensive, but OTOH you buy one once and use it for a long time in multiple systems.


            3. Get as much as you can afford, but the practical minimum is 12 GB.


            WD Caviar Blacks are not suggested with Raid5. Have a look around this hardware forum, maybe start with the overview tab and the presented drop down box, there is a lot of information to answer your questions.

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              Richard99aa Level 1

              Great info thanks!


              Yes I realized a little too late about the WD Caviar issues.  I fix that prob later.


              I just was trying to update CS5 and everytime I use the "update" from inside the program it then asks to "close CS5 before proceeding".


              The minute I touch that window....the screen window goes white and it hangs, and eventually crashes to the blue screen of death, and then a mem dump!!!!


              This sure reminds me of my early CS4 days using an unsupported NVIDIA card.

              Right now I am using the FX3500 Nvidia.

              Do you think these problems are a result of the improper card?




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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                No, but you may try to update from Bridge, without PR open.

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                  semajha Level 1

                  Thanks Harm

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                    Richard99aa Level 1

                    Wow....dont know why I didn't think of that....guess thats what they mean by two

                    heads are better than one.


                    Bad news is the updates have not helped in my stability problem.  Keeps going to the blue screen of death now when I try to import video.  Before it whacks out....I get two or three times a brief "Video Error on Nvidea card has been recovered by Win 7".  What happens is that when I try some of the functions in CS5, such as that update, or now with Importing a file, the screen briefly goes blank, then recovers...then I try to continue clicking on the file I want, and then again it freezes briefly...goes black, then recovers....and then the 3rd time BAM!!!  Blue Screen of Death and then a mem dump!


                    So somehow it is related to video.  I have the latest drivers from the Nvidia site.


                    Well this is where I have to challenge you a bit on your earlier reply that the card probably not the prob.


                    I nearly lost all my hair when I first started working with CS4 last year.  I was using the FX1400 and had NOTHING but problems with video issue and subsequent crashes.


                    As soon as I replaced that card with the FX3400 everything was fine....all bugs dissapeared IMMEDIATELY!


                    So unless anyone has any suggestions I guess I'll take the plunge and get the card you recommended and keep my fingers crossed.


                    Sure glad I kept my other workstation on CS4 while I got this workstation running...otherwise we would be DOWN!!!!

                    Thanks guys





                    All other apps on the machine are COMPLETELY STABLE...I can run CS5 Photoshop and open a 2 meg photo and edit with no problem, even while running a .AVI movie in the background in Windows Media center.

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                      Richard99aa Level 1



                      Well I solved the crashing issue.  It was definately the Video card that was causing all the problems.


                      I took you advice on the GTX card (actually I decided to move up to the GTX 470 Fermi to ensure compatibility as per Adove listed cards) and as soon as I put the card in, all the crashes came to a screaching halt.


                      Also very happy for the speed increase...it is multitudes faster now on CS5 using Win 7 64bit and the GTX card.


                      For test purposes I took 38 minutes of HD footage, and exported it to an H.264 file in about the same amount of time it used to take me to do the same with 5 minutes of HD footage.


                      If I may ask another question, how can I verify that I am taking full advantage of the Mercury engine?  I was looking through the menus and cant seem to find where that is configured.  Is it automatic?

                      Thanks for all your help.


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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        Go to your Project settings and ensure that


                        23-5-2010 9-49-56.jpg


                        is correctly set. Also run the PPBM5 Benchmark and send the results to Bill as indicated and to me by PM. The results will show


                        a: How well your system performs in relation to others


                        b: Whether MPE does make a difference, and


                        c: Where you may improve your systems performance.