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    Not printing acrobat files from Reader 9.4/Win 7 64 bit


      I have just had to get replacement PC with Win7 64 bit and have loaded Acrobat Reader 9.4.(Prior to demise of old PC Win XP SP3 and Reader 9.x)  I have an HP Deskjet 960c printer connected through a NAS as a network printer.


      I have problems printing acrobat files  PDFs (which used to print on old PC) to that configuration. I open document (displays fine), select print, press OK. Goes through spooling doc - 100%.; Then nothing happens - nothing shows on doc list on printer - JUST GETS LOST IN THE ETHER.


      Same file prints on printer if direct USB connected. 


      Word/Excel files print both through NAS as server and on direct usb connect.


      Still printes from another XP machine fine.


      Tried XP compatibility no change


      ONLY does not seem to work on printing PDFs via NAS Print Server.


      Help appreciated