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    Win CE 6 R3 Flash Lite 3.1 - fscommand2 and ActionScript extensions?

    Russ0000 Community Member

      I have been trying to locate answers to the following questions about the Win CE R3 Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 support, but have not been successful so far:


      1) What commands are implemented and accessible via ActionScript fscommand2 API, and are there any custom commands implemented to provide any WinCE OS specific functionality?


      2) Is the Object Oriented ActionScript extension mechanism added in Flash Lite 3.1 available in the Win CE 6 R3 version for OEMs to add extension libraries, or has this capability been disabled?  If it is enabled, how can we get the header files/etc. required to build such extensions?  The first link below describes the capability mentioning that it is only available if enabled by the device manufacturer, and the second link below describes in detail how to do this on Digital Home devices referencing header files/etc. for those devices, but I haven't found anything similar for the Win CE version, and I am not sure whether the device manufacturer in this case is Microsoft or the device OEM.

      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashLite/2.0_FlashLiteDevGuide2/WS78C2DA03-01F8-48ec-B690-A91 FD1E76C37.html



      3) Finally, who is responsible for officially providing support for the Win CE Flash Lite functionality to device OEMs, Microsoft or Adobe?