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        Yep! and I just wanna have AVCHD audio in my PR. timeline.

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          jimclark1947 Level 1

          Sorry.  I guess the short answer then is if your camera will allow you to select from multiple audio formats you will want to choose AC3 (or something other than LPCM).  If that is not an available option and the audio you end up recording won't work in Premiere then you likely have no choice but to convert the audio before importing.

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            tiaan@agapevisions.co.za Level 1

            Thanks will do

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              Colin-B Level 1

              I'm very surprised that Pr still can't handle linear PCM from the NX5. There's really nothing tricky about its PCM format and conversion to Microsoft WAV/AVI PCM is trivial.

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                Jeff Bellune Level 5
                I'm very surprised that Pr still can't handle linear PCM from the NX5.

                I may have more surprises soon.  Stay tuned.


                BTW - Colin, do you have any NX5U LPCM clips you could make available to me?  TIA.



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                  Andy T2 Adobe Employee

                  Just to clarify a few items raised on this thread:


                  Premiere Pro CS5 does support LPCM audio in AVCHD files. Our previous version, Premiere Pro CS4, did not.


                  In addition, the Sony NXCAM AVCHD files we have tested with Premiere Pro CS5 do work OK with CS5. We have not encountered issues with either AC3 or LPCM audio on the files we have received or created.


                  If anyone is having an issue with NXCAM LPCM audio, please let us know specifically what the problems are, and add any details regarding the issue that you think are relevant. Good information would include the model of the camcorder that created the files, how many audio channels are in the files, which version of Premiere you are using, what problems you are encountering when attempting to import and use the files, and what feedback (if any) Premiere is giving you on these files. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


                  -- Andy

                  -- Premiere Pro Team

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                    Jeff Bellune Level 5

                    So as Andy pointed out, I was wrong about CS5 and LPCM audio from the NX5U.  That's what happens when I don't have valid files to use for testing.  I'm sorry for any confusion that I caused.


                    I'll continue to try to figure out why the LPCM .mts file from Audition wouldn't import.  It could be as simple as user error on my part because I didn't include any video with the audio.



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                      Colin-B Level 1

                      Jeff Bellune wrote:


                      do you have any NX5U LPCM clips you could make available to me?  TIA.



                      Yes Jeff, I'll have a rummage and email you tomorrow.



                      Andy, completely unrelated to NX5 or AVCHD, but Pr doesn't like AC-3 in an AVI wrapper - just thought I'd mention it.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        To echo Andy's request for reports of issues, the Bug Report is invaluable. This ARTICLE will give a few tips, and the link to the Bug Report (also Feature Request) to file the report. The more info that can be provided to Adobe, the easier it will be to track down in the lab.



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                          tiaan@agapevisions.co.za Level 1

                          Hi Andy

                          There was a lot to say about the LPCM sound in PR.

                          But the problem is still not sorted on my side.

                          With a string of clips the sound cuts in & out while video is still running (pixelated of course).

                          And it is doing it when there are a extra audio track .wav file.

                          When the original footage are plying in the timeline without a extra audio track the sound is fine, video is still pixelated.

                          The settings for the importing, .prj & sequence are the same.

                          Am I to light on Hardware as suggested or must I convert the audio before importing audio files or is there a mis with the settings.



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                            pagestep Level 1

                            I have a Panasonic HDC-HS100 camera. and  CS4 on windows XP professional. The camera produces(MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 compression) .MTS files, transferring to the computer via HD Writer2.6E,  as .M2TS.   I am getting an echo in the first second of the file in Premier on most, but not all of the shots. I also record audio into a laptop and when sincing the laptop audio with camera audio, the first second of audio is out of sinc, then comes right by the  end of the shot.  Also I get some glitches where up to 1 second of  footage repeats. It seems to be an audio video sinc problem. I render off and image sequence of the shot in other programs, such as Virtualdub, and on sincing  with the audio, the visual comes in late, and I get still or frozen frames at the end of the shot. ie: frame count is the same as the audio but actual moving frames are less than the audio. The camera captures Dolby digital AC3/ 5.1 surround audio supposedly. Does anyone have a fix for this?

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                              pagestep Level 1

                              Sorry, I thought I was on the CS4 or earlier area. My mistake. Cheers.

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