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    Changing the "Hint" properties


      Can you change the "hint" properties on a text box or button?


      I'm using Captivate 5 and I've done a recording in Autmoatic --> Training Mode. I want my hints to appear on the screen when the screen loads, not when the user rolls over the interactive field.


      I'm brand new to captivate so any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Hello and welcome to the Captivate forum,


          Hints typically appear when rolling over because (perhaps) some user do not need a hint. You can even choose to have no hint at all.


          You do need to insert a Text Caption and have it appear at the start of the slide, and probably stay till the end of the slide. In this text caption you can put whatever you want, or eventually copy the text of the Hint caption (and then delete the Hint caption). Those are the steps:

          • insert a Text Caption (using the vertical toolbar, second button of Insert, Standard objects, Text Caption
          • choose a layout for the text caption in the properties inspector (layout of text box, character properties...  in the General, Character and Format region)
          • insert your text (eventually copy the text from the Hint caption and paste it in the Text Caption)
          • check the timeline for this Text Caption: it will be there from the start of the slide, but if the slide is longer than the default 3 sec, it will not be there till the end of the slide, you can extend the duration with the Properties inspector (Duration region) or more easily by using the shortcut key CTRL-E with the Text Caption selected on the timeline
          • by default a Text Caption has a transition Fade in and Fade out; you could change that in the Properties inspector, Transition region.


          Another possibility is using a (rounded) rectangle, you can put text in it too. You can find an explanation in this blog posting:

          Flowing text in shapes


          I hope this helps you out.



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            bopsbeth585 Level 1

            Thank you!! I was making that so difficult for myself in terms of thinking...this makes total sense :-)