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    RoboHelp 8 Related Topics 'null' is null or not an object - ehlpdhtm.js


      I'm trying to fix a rogue RH 8 project for a coworker. I rebuilt the project and so far have been able to fix the problems I've run into, including how to copy the TOC from the old project into the new (I could not find that on the forums), but there's one issue that seems to be beyond me.


      When I generate the WebHelp and view the results, the TOC works fine and I'm able to search on keywords. However, when clicking the Related Topics button on a page, nothing happens. The yellow exclamation mark at the bottom left-hand corner in the IE browser shows the reason:


      js error.jpg


      Does anyone know why this is happening, or more importantly, how to fix it? It's odd that a new project would behave this way.


      Thanks in advance,