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    Issue on Japan Softbank Model

    asmilie2b3 Community Member
      I'm having a flash lite app developed for FL 2.0, and am using a softbank 910SH to test.
      The app was working fine on a Symbian 6680, but now trying it for the first time on the 910SH (closer to my target audience) I receive the error "Disconnected" with a big red X. This happens anytime the application tries to download data. I wonder if anyone else has seen this error, and what causes there might be?

        • 1. Re: same issue related to a Forex FlashLite app

          I can't believe such an old thread hasn't been answered yet. I'm having this exact problem with one of my apps and it's frustrating. All i want to do is make price quotes for each currency followed by few words in its language on the fly for my forex trading website. Once i added the japanese yen, everything went south. Is it the japanese thingy what causes such dilemma? Why on earth am i seeing this annoying error? Anyone? I need that app fixed urgently because it affects my readership convenience. Any help is appreciated.