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    Export to excel myExportSystem:Exec


      hi all,


      my script was working just fin, but my bad luck that i selected the option "Never ask to open the flie" and right after that i am getting this error my script is very similat to one of the adobe scripts.


      var annots = doc.getAnnots();


          var cMyC = "Page\tComment";


          for ( var i=0; i<annots.length; i++)


              cMyC += ("\n"+ ++ annots[i].page + "\t\"" + annots[i].contents+"\"");




          doc.createDataObject({cName: "myCommentList.xls", cValue: cMyC});


          doc.exportDataObject({cName: "myCommentList.xls", nLaunch: 1});   // at the point of launch can i specify a path variable.



      my error

      TypeError: Invalid argument type.
      Doc.getPageNumWords:28:App myExportSystem:Exec
      ===> Parameter nPage.