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    Which are the best settings for exporting comps before edditing in Premiere Pro


      Hello everyone!


      As the title says, which are the best settings for exporting comps from AE to Pr.Pro and then edit them?

      Let  me explain: I have two comps in AE (intro and outro) and want to export  them in Pr.Pro for edditing along with a fottage i shot.

      When i render them the size of the files are huge (30 sec= 7GB).

      Which  is the best method (and settings) i can export the intro and outro to a 'normal' file  size and then put them in Pr.Pro without loosing any quality??


      [Comp settings: HDTV 1080 29.97 (1920x1080)]


      AE and Premiere Pro both CS4