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    Internal Software Error in PE9


      Hi there,


      I am trying to 'share' a project.  I'm looking to make a DVD.


      I am not having much luck.  Each time I hit the burn button the following series of events take place:


      It seems to succesfully encode the media because once that process sits at 99% for a few moments it goes to Compiling Media.  The moment it says its compiling the media it registers 95%.  It then takes a few minutes to climb to 99% and then I get the following error:


      Internal Software error: vobulator\blockplanner\block planner.cpp, line 215


      Does anyone have any idea what that means, and if yes, how I might fix it?



      Some background:


      The file is large (at least compared to what I typically do) - about 55 minutes of mpeg2.

      My computer description is:

      Dell Studio XPS 435MT

      Intel Core i7 CPU

      920 @ 2.67 GHZ

      8 Gigs Ram

      64 Bit


      Thanks for the help!