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    Stuck on Loading... screen  -- Forever

    MTSpain Level 1

      We have a number of SCORM 1.2 courses published from Captivate 5 that are getting stuck on the grey Loading.. screen.


      What is odd about this is that the course launches fine on initial launch.


      If you then close after a couple of pages and relaunch, bookmarking works fine; it opens to the correct page.


      If you complete the course and close, The content is marked as completed in the LMS.


      IF you then relaunch, it takes you to the final page, which has a button to allow you to retake. That button works correctly and navigates to page 1.


      If you then navigate a few pages in, close the course and attempt to relaunch, it always hangs at the Loading... page.


      Any ideas?


      Thank you,



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