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    [as2] Variable Check


      Hello guys, I have a problem and I hope to explain better.
      I'm creating a website using SWFAddress. No problem, apart from this thing.

      Suppose I receive an external variable called pippo that has this value:

      I need to create an IF statement, which makes a thing like this: if pippo is == nome/ + a number and if this number is greater than 0 (so it must check just the fact that 15 is a number ), then assigns that number to the variable pippo_numero.

      I searched everywhere and I don't have found, in essence,
      a function that identifies in a variable composed of characters and numbers, if there's a number and what is it. I ask you if exists this function and if you were so kind to give me an example, saved my life.

      Thank you in advance for your time,