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    Study material require for LC reader extensions

    Mrsunilg Level 1



      I am very new to LC reader extension. I have livcycle server, workbench and designer setup. I am able to orchestrate process on workbench and able to design forms using designer.

      But when i save the pdf with some data. It is not saving the content of the filled pdf. For this i need to incorporate reader extesion. My client is ready to take license for reader extension whatever it costs.


      But as i told i am very new to this. I do not know how to install it or configure it with adobe LC workbench or designer or both.



      Can somebody provide me material how i can install and make my pdf forms reader extended.





      Sunil Gupta

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          Charles Myers 4th Level 3

          I would suggest that you look in the documentation at http://help.adobe.com/en_US/livecycle/9.0/adminHelp/admin.htm?content=000145.html as this tells the process in detail and has links to other documentation as well.  I assume that you are installing this on a current ES2 server; the process is a bit more complex for older versions, but the documentation does tell the whole tale.


          An evaluation reader extensions credential is available with the LiveCycle trial download.  You can find this in the upper right corner of the LiveCycle section of the developer center, or http://www.adobe.com/devnet/livecycle.html   There is also significant new content available on the developer center such as "LiveCycle in three days" that may be of use to you.


          Also, note that Cafe can be downloaded from the developer center and its search tool is excellent for finding the resources you may need.  For instance, I did a search on "reader extensions credential install" and found the information in the first paragraph in the first few hits.

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            Mrsunilg Level 1

            Thanks alot Chuck Myers,



            I am able to make any pdf reader extended using readerextension activity on workbench and using https://host:port/readerextension.


            Can you let me know is there any other way to make a pdf reader extended other than above two methods.



            Also let me know if i can make a pdf reader extended while designing it in adobe designer.





            Sunil Gupta

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              Charles Myers 4th Level 3

              The ability to reader-extend directly within designer has been a longstanding request.  But it turns out that it would add significant amounts of code to Designer for an infrequent use case. Therefore, we decided not to implement it there.


              You can, however, reader-extend a form/document in Acrobat Pro; you can't do it as part of a process, you don't have the same rights available (you have a subset) and flexibility, and the license terms are more limited.  But if you can live within that, and much of testing does fit within those parameters, Acrobat Pro is a great alternative.