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    David A Rogers Community Member

      After only a few minutes of using ROME all I can say is WoW! This is a huge step towards not having an application installed on your machine, for whatever reason you may want that. While it is browser based it still has powerful features and the simplicity of the functionality helps. A great alternative to Apples iWork and iLife apps. The warp tool for images is better than whats in Photoshop right now. Currently free offering, I can only hope that the released price will be reasonable to the point where it makes no sense NOT to have access to this suite of tools.  Well done.

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          SarahEssary Community Member

          Thanks for the praise! I'm happy to tell you that, even though the pricing has yet to be determined, when Project ROME is released, it will be offered as an affordable, paid subscription service.






          Sarah Essary

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            shahir ahmad

            This is what I was expecting from Adobe! It is the best content creation software I have ever used.

            Thank you so much ADOBE!

            I am trying to write a tutor for Rome.

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              I agree. Simply WOW!

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                graphixmax Community Member

                That's why I just love everything ADOBE. ADOBE ROCKS! ADOBE IS AWESOME! Keep the cutting-edge technology coming.

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                  Le logiciel du jour...

                  De bonnes choses dans Rome, indubitablement.

                  Dont l'omniprésence dans les nuages.

                  Cependant, le texte y reste un parent pauvre.

                  (ce qui ne manque pas de sel; mais moi, personnellement, je ne trouve pas ça drôle).

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                    This is a great product.  I've been looking for something like this. 


                    Re price.  I'm a retired teacher who is trying to continue to give to our students in our schools.  I would love to know that I can afford this when it comes out, because I have been designing and developing digital resources in social studies that I give away to schools.  So, when you say educators, please consider some of retired educators who still feel an obligation to help our students and schools as a public service during our retirement. 


                    Continue thinking along these lines.  In education within the next five (5) years, the curriculum will be based on teacher mashups of web-based materials and teacher created materials.  This is a great first step down this pathway.  I look forward to a version of Rome where I can quickly mix web materials with a wide varies of interactions and can assign my students to making Rome projects based on what I have created to guide and facilitate their exploration of important educational projects.


                    Finally, please think of ways you can have any text in the final projects created in Rome easily converted via text-to-speech into quality audio. Our blind students and many of our special needs students are greatly helped by having text which highlights the word as it is spoken.  It helps the read the passage, it helps them improve their reading (by being read to), and it greatly increases their comprehension and retention of that comprehension.  It also helps make products 508 compliant. 


                    Keep it up.  You're blaxing a pathway into the digital curriculum's future.