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    How can I Improve Bounce Rate?


      Dear Friends


      I have launched our new website www.wisnetsol.com.


      Please give me your suggestions, that how can i improve it. Specially from the perspective to increase traffic and reduce bounce Rate.


      Currently, I am using Google Adwords and Face Book Advertising to get traffic. Google Adwords is quite expensive for my industry as competition is high, on the other side Face Book is cheap, but bounce rate is as high as 80%.


      I will be highly oblidged with your comments.

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          neetusharma Level 1

          I found your site to be good and attractive. The bounce rate would improve with time. This happens with most of new sites.

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            WisdomTalks Level 1

            Thanks Sharma

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              Asking questions to engage readers, displaying popular and related posts are some great ways to increase CTR.

              Linking from within your posts to your other articles can also help a lot.

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                Are your ad's relative to the page the visitors are landing on? Are they a 'no bulls**t' ad with false promises? Making your ad relative, direct and too the point should help your bounce rate as they will be more targeted ads, yes you may get less clicks but you should have a higher success rate with sales and lower bounce rate...


                If you need any more tips on ads drop me a line  i'll point you in the right direction

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                  secci Level 1

                  ps btw i like your site design...

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                    Charles Bannister Level 2

                    It's a really nice design.



                    Short of maybe more images and having header/subject text standing out more there isn't much to improve on.

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                      A high bounce rate usually means that the users come to your website and don't find what they were looking for, or, quickly assume that your site won't help them.

                      You should review the keywords you're bidding on and sort them into 3 sectors, then by turning off 2 out of 3 of those secots for a week - see what happens to your bounce rate, then try again with a different sector turned on - this way you'll see which set of keywords give you lowest bounce rate.




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                        I think the web design is good and I agree with some of the other users that the bounce rate will decrease once you start getting good traffic. Continue with your SEO efforts, as your organic traffic increases your bounce rate will decrease. Also the advantage of that is you will be able to decrease your adwords spending as the organic traffic grows.


                        Nice Job.


                        Make it great,


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                          Hi Wisdomtalks,


                          First I must say I agree with the posters above; I like the look and feel of your website. I can't imagine that this site has a high bouncerate, that is, if you are getting relevant traffic. I actually had the same problem with my site. Buying traffic on Facebook can be tricky, if you are using a  program like Google Analytics you will be able to segment your data on traffic source. You will immediatly find out which traffic-source bounces, and  which provides you with good traffic. Facebook didn't work for me, so I decided to focus on Google Adwords, that decreased my bouncerate from 76% to 29%.

                          Boosting your SEO will also help alot.


                          Hope this will help

                          Regards, Adrian.

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                            The only way you will improve bounce rate is by giving the visitors what they want.


                            Whilst advice is great it is only opinion as only you know about your visitors and no-one else.


                            If you are using Google Analytics or a similar system you will be able to see the bounce rate for each page.


                            Simply look at the pages with low bounce rates and use those as a basis to improve other high bounce pages and create new pages.


                            It may be that your visitors are not finding the solution to their problem on your pages, check how they are getting to the page then adjust your ads or for organic traffic make sure the page delivers on the title and description.


                            For example on my page about free solar panels I have provided all the basic information a visior may need, if it is a long page and not everyone likes long pages make sure you use sub headlines to emphasize the main points of your content.


                            Hope this helps



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                              damangmedia Level 1

                              I was reading my RSS today and found this article. Great piece and will give you some more options to reduce your bounce rate. http://on.mash.to/dAsuEk


                              Hope that helps,


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                                MoneyTopList Level 1

                                I see a lot of offers in your homepage. When you use the advertising, do you promote your homepage or specific landing pages? I recommend to promote all of your services separately - e. g. create a new advertisement for a logo design and make the target URL a page with details about logo design. This way you will increase your conversions (and also the bounce rate will be lower).