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    Which fonts folder to use to stop "missing fonts" in snow leopard?????

    Andy_Baz Level 2

      Since making the switch to snow leopard, i now have irregularities in fonts when using indesign files from other computers.


      If i open an indesign document, that was created on my old G5 machine running Tiger, on my new imac running Snow leopard i get the missing font error message.


      I am led to beleieve that this is caused by me installing fonts into User > Library > fonts. which was where i used to install fonts to on my Tiger machine.


      I can now remedy the problem by installing the fonts into indesigns fonts folder but i dont want to just install all my fonts so only indesign can use them, and neither do i want to duplicate my fonts folders



      Can anyone shed some light on an answer for me, I just want to be able to open my old documents without getting the missing fonts error message!



      All the best

      Andy barrington