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    Acrobat 10




      I have heard that Adobe stop the developpment of Acrobat 3D ???


      We are waiting the new realease of Acrobat taking into account SolidWorks 2010 ???




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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Acrobat 3D has been renamed Acrobat Pro Extended. No announcements with respect to Acrobat 10 have been made, but I would be surprised to see it discontinued.

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            TM_ Level 1

            This is a aspect of the question ...

            Because, there are a lot of months that some readers are not uptodate, I can think that there is no future for this product !

            Effectively there is "No announcements with respect to Acrobat 10" !

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              ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              TM_ wrote:


              This is a aspect of the question ...

              Because, there are a lot of months that some readers are not uptodate, I can think that there is no future for this product !

              Effectively there is "No announcements with respect to Acrobat 10" !



              Hi Thomas,


              A few weeks ago, Adobe's CEO actually did talk about the next release of Adobe Acrobat (presumably Acrobat 10 or perhaps Acrobat X), discussing some of the new features with a scheduled release date for this fall.


              So while not a formal announcement, there appears to be a future and a new version of Acrobat on the horizon, and we'll have to see what comes out of it.

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                TM_ Level 1

                Remember that Adobe sold the 3D activity to TechSoft 3D and we can think that:

                The price of the 3D product will not be the same.

                Who will make the updates takin into account the format's update ?

                Who will add new functionnalities in the 3D viewer of Acrobat ?

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                  Joe Burch

                  As an early customer of Adobe LiveCycle, (which we purchased specifically to convert 3D CAD data to 3D PDF) we have received some assurances that the product will be maintained / upgraded. But I have seen no activity since the TechSoft 3D announcement.


                  Hope this helps.


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                    Julie Mcmurray Level 1

                    I agree totally. Personally I also do not see any future in the product. Better to explore other options and not wait and hope

                    that something will change any sooner.

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                      Joe Burch Level 1

                      It's a shame that we even need to have this discussion...Where is the information Adobe? Where is the update to explain all this to your customers? I hear that the team from TTF, in France, refused to work for months before the TechSoft hand-off, which explains why there have been no updates at all...But now a bunch more time has passed, and we're still waiting for any sort of update. Where do I report the bugs I find? What is the turn-around to fix them? When will CATIA V5R20 be supported?


                      If you want to build enterprise-level software, and sell it for an enterprise-level price, then you should provide ENTERPRISE-LEVEL service.

                      You've got some competitors...don't think we'll wait around for you forever.

                      ~Joe Burch

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                        ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        This just out:


                        Adobe Featured Blogs: 3D Solutions Update – Agreement with PROSTEP

                        http://blogs.adobe.com/conversations/2010/09/3d-solutions-update-agreement-with-prostep.ht ml

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                          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                          There are no announced plans to add new file support to Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, and 3D import translation has been discontinued in Acrobat X, which will only read U3D and PRC files. There is no Pro Extended version of Acrobat X, hence no bundled copy of 3D Reviewer.


                          Users of Acrobat Pro Extended's 3D features are now directed to Tetra4D, who have taken over development and support of the 3D engine from Adobe. Their  plugin for Acrobat X Pro does support the latest versions of 3D files and comes with a copy of 3D Reviewer, but will not work with Acrobat 9. See the link for a full list of supported formats.

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                            Gazzzzzzzz Level 1

                            Just some thoughts and opinions

                            • So Adobe expends development time and effort removing features (import filters) already existing in Acrobat 3D to make Acrobat 9 Pro Extended then removes all 3D features for Acrobat X?
                            • There is no upgrade path for Acrobat 9 in the CS5 suite to Acrobat X?  Which suits me because other than a confusing re arrangment of the menu - offers little real improvements
                            • No Acrobat X Pro extended....to be released at all
                            • Still waiting for a release date Tetra4D and what real feature they will have - yes it can import some more CAD formats but what about genuine new 3D features?.............<insert the sounds of crickets here>.......................as Users shimmy out on the 3D branch....that sound is Adobe sawing behind you.



                            My humble recommendation is stay with Acrobat 3D - it's 3D functionality (Right Hemisphere) is much better and more mature than the now defuncked 3D Reviewer...but wait, I hear you say,  you dont get the ability to drop in swf into the 3D environments in Acrobat 3D....yes....but Adobe never solved the rasteriation of all swf files in 3D space ......so as you zoom into a animated or interactive swf texture on a 3D object it just get pixelated..........so no great loss.



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                              Joe Burch Level 1

                              Hi Gazzzzzzzz,


                              I have good news and bad news for you.

                              The good news is that Tetra4D is actively working with customers to improve the product. They are, of course, under the gun because of time constraints, but I know they want to provide a good product, and I believe they have a good team in place to develop that product.


                              Also good news! The beta of the Tetra4D product is out today: www.tetra4d.com/beta

                              Give it a try.


                              The bad news, then, is the timing. It seems that we'll need to wait a couple more months before the solution starts to look professional again.


                              As for Adobe sawing off the branch behind us...I feel that the branch has been sawed through, I fell to the ground, and I'm nursing my wounds as I start to climb the tree again. They completely abandoned the product (in terms of real development) for quite a while. But now that other companies are responsible for the technology, I believe we will see faster results.


                              Good luck!


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                                Gazzzzzzzz Level 1

                                Hi Joe,

                                Excellent optimism!

                                “The good news is that Tetra4D is actively working with customers to improve the product”…..have you ever heard a more vague, pointless, nonspecific, mother hood statement? This was probably the vision statement on some frosted glass in the 3D team wall at Adobe…


                                BTW: I would be delighted to wrong


                                What do we really know about Tetra4D?

                                What is their capacity and size of development team, time to market – is it bigger effort than Adobe team?  Are they more efficient?  Any idea of a product roadmap .. ..time will tell..................In fact I am hoping I am wrong



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                                  Joe Burch Level 1

                                  Yep! I'm optimistic. I don't get good results from pessimism.
                                  I'll be more specific for you: I have spoken with the guys in charge at Tetra4D, and by my estimation, they seem to have the brains and the will to make a good product.  That's more than I ever got from Adobe.


                                  P.S. I laughed at the image of my sentence on frosted glass...nice.

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                                    TM_ Level 1


                                    I cannot understand why you are so optimistic ....

                                    Now you have 4 compagnies trying to do same things like before...

                                    And of course, nobody will take into account your problems...

                                    Today I am waiting updates ...... perhaps in couple of monthes or perhaps in summer 2011 or perhaps never ...

                                    Effectively now you can speak with somebody that can promess you some things that their not in charge...


                                    And I am agree with Gazzz

                                    What do we really know about Tetra4D?



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                                      Gazzzzzzzz Level 1

                                      Hi Joe & TM,

                                      Fingers crossed,   breath not held….I was really hoping Macromedia would have taken over Adobe .  Macromedia (in Australia at least) were innovative, friendly and listened to customers. I found Adobe (and I dealt with them a lot) were smug and sitting back on the arrogance Photoshop gave them.

                                      I must say Brian Chau in Adobe Melbourne was not part of above statement......


                                      hey Dave can you send me a link to the information that covers off the feature difference between Acro 9 Pro and Acro X?

                                      - thanx




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                                        As with most companies eventually all possible enhancements get used up. What’s the difference between each new version of Office these days? Corel were highly inventive with Corel draw and must at one stage have given adobe cause for concern Again Macromedia made a wonderful name for themselves but ran out of steam Innovation is the key to all software development sadly few programmers are good at innovation its not in their nature so if a company becomes over staffed with programmers it loses it way. When was the last time adobe came out with something truly originally. The next step a lot of companies go through is to purchase other successful companies. Adobe did that with Macromedia and a few others but dropped products which were hard to develop into their own product range Take authorware from Macromedia it was for its time one of the most innovative products and had a very large following in the training world. But was almost impossible to move onwards so adobe dropped it. Its through forums such as these that companies should hear what customers want but customers very rarely write down their thoughts or needs preferring to move to other products which offer what they want or they are forced to follow the Microsoft route.

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                                          Gazzzzzzzz Level 1

                                          Hi Bernie,

                                          Some good points.

                                          On the Office front I suppose it depends on your defination of innovation.  Office moving to 64bit is interersting maybe not innovative and I didn't think I'd be able to edit video inside powerpoint.  I thought that Adobe's PDF's 3D capablity was innovative, I thought the ability to add SWF's into a 3D scene was innovative so heading in the right direction - but then Adobe's bailed on it 3D customers and 3rd party 3D developers. What does Acrobat X bring ?  A re-arranged interface and a better PDF portifolio.........and the loss and outsoucing of its 3D capability.  Maybe Tetra 4D will add something Acro 9 Pro Extended did have...at sometime in the future.




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                                            Craig@tetra4D Level 1

                                            Hi Gaz, Joe, TM and other members that have posted or subscribed,


                                            I have been observing this thread, and enjoying the organic discussion about the future of 3D PDF. As the CTO of Tetra 4D, and now with a released 3D PDF Converter product for Acrobat X Pro, i believe that i am in a position to answer some of the questions and offer up some opportunities about what the future holds in terms of 3D and PDF.


                                            3D PDF is here to stay, and will be 100% supported by Adobe, Tetra 4D and Techsoft 3D. This is a strong statement, but it is one that has been demonstrated based on the fact that all 3 companies have released 3 new commercially available products, in the last two months. This is no small feat, which has taken a lot of individual and combined work, but these new products reconfirm that we believe in the 3D PDF Technologies and understand the value that it offers our customer and users.


                                            Over the last few months Adobe has openly committed to the ongoing support of 3D and the continued support and distribution of it within Acrobat and the free Acrobat Reader. Both products currently support native PRC and U3D formats, along with the 3D Commenting and Measuring Features.


                                            Tetra 4D has developed and released 3D PDF Converter as a plugin to Acrobat that enables adobe customers a new user interface, for translating, optimizing, viewing and distributing 3D CAD data to diverse downstream users.


                                            And finally Techsoft 3D have released 3D Exchange (3DX) which comprises 3D component technology that supports rapid development of internal and external 3D Applications based on PDF libraries, best in class translation tools and 3D CAD rendering solutions.


                                            The results in the division of these technologies, and the release of these new products, is an offering that has the ability to better meet the customers needs, with agile feature development, direct end users support, up-to-date CAD Formats, and a growing ecosystem of 3D PDF end users.


                                            3D PDF Converter represents the next generation of Adobe 9 Pro Extended for 3D. Tetra 4D introduced a successful beta product, followed by a release that includes core legacy functionality, fixes too many documented issues, new critical CAD formats and performance enhancements related to importing and viewing.


                                            Now, to have an open discussion, I also need to point out technology that didn’t make it into the product. 3D Capture and OCX (Microsoft Plug-in) are both not part of this release. This architecture changes in both Acrobat and Microsoft Office 2010 required large changes to OCX and the Open GL capture technology was dated. I personally reviewed both of these, had many discussions with existing customers and decided that they would not be part of the initial release.


                                            We are currently working on the next release, which will include additional format support, enhanced large assembly performance, and new PDF template publishing as just some of exciting features. I am happy to take question or suggestion about what you, the end users believe brings value. In fact as the technical leader of Tetra 4D I am committed to the transparency of our products. I ask you to go to www.tetra4d.com/3d-pdf, use the full functional trial software that is available, and judge it for yourself. That is the easiest way to validate if this release of the software is a good fit for you organizations or not.


                                            If you would like to contact me personally about the product, your requirements or your concerns, I would only be too happy to facilitate a discussion, either through this forum, via email or by phone. My information can be found at www.tetra4d.com


                                            Craig Trudgeon

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                                              mvid Level 2

                                              Dear Craig and/or other mighty people of tetra4d,


                                              Adobe put draft PRC format docs online as a part of Acrobat 9 SDK,

                                              does your "Commitment to Open Standards" imply that the improved

                                              PRC format docs will be available for free from your web site in reasonable time?

                                              Or the only option is to wait for ISO to start selling them after accepting 32000-2?


                                                          Sincerely, Michail