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    RH8 - Using help IDs, Aliases, and mapping files


      HI folks, I hope I'm on the verge of getting this CSH stuff down.


      We create a .chm for our product. The product uses a HelpContext ID (usually the filename of an .htm file in the RH8 project) to state which topic in the .chm to call. The code then takes that HelpContext ID, appents an .htm extension, then looks to find that file in the .chm file.


      This was working fine until we organized our .htm files into subfolders. That folder location is also stored in the .chm file, but the program is still looking in the "root" directory for the .htm file.


      What I'm thinking (hoping) the solution is to generate a map .h file, using the filename as the topic ID, then compile the .chm as usual. The program then should simply pass the HelpContext ID (aka Topic ID, aka filename) but NOT append the .htm extension. The .chm would then take care of taking that ID, determining the correct file, and displaying it.


      Is that it? Is there something else that the programmers have to do? Something else we doc folk have to do? Would the same process work for merged projects?


      Any clarification would be appreciated.


      Dan Roberts