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    Placed PDF missing text after re-exporting to PDF

    agreen01 Level 1

      I'm using OSX 10.6 with InDesign CS3 504.


      When I place PDFs into an InDesign file, and then PDF that InDesign file, some of the PDFs are missing text.  All text boxes have been made from the same original text box, just modified for content, and shape very slightly.


      The text that is missing is most often white, where it's being used over the top of black frames.  There is one instance of black text over a white frame missing.


      I've tried exporting to .inx, and then re-pdfing.  I've also tried copying text boxes that are 'working' and changing the content, but still the same text boxes are missing their text.


      Any help much appreciated.  Thanks.


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