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    Trouble with CS5 off-line help install

    Jim Grisham



      I can't access help files after having recently purchased and installed several copies of CS5 Web Premium.


      Here's the situation: military site with closed (non-internet) network needs CS5 to replace existing CS3 installation. Windows 32-bit. A stand-alone internet computer with cd-r drive is available, but I can't install anything on it. See the problem?


      I've already read a number of threads on this subject and all the relevant KB articles that I could find (including 84215 and 83703). I downloaded the PDF manuals individually (much later I found http://blogs.adobe.com/premiereprotraining/2010/08/help-documents-for- creative-suite-5-pdf-and-html.html, which points to all of them in one place - that should be linked from the support site). Adobe phone support could not help beyond suggesting download of the PDFs.


      My developers are used to being able to hit F1 and search help, specifically in Flash for ActionScript language reference. The external PDF manuals, while useful, are not an option for this purpose - just too clumsy.


      As I understand it, the first time Adobe Community Help is run, it can optionally download all html help files for offline use. Since I can't connect the development computers to the internet, I need to download an archive of those files from elsewhere.


      It seems like I need to either:

      a) Find a magical adobe.com page with an archive of the html help files that I can download


      b) Go home and download (on my mac) the applicable portions of adobe.com and burn to CD

           (e.g. http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flash/cs/using/index.html)


      c) Find the appropriate file location to install these files on my development computers

      d) Update any TOC or preference files so that the CS5 apps will know that the files are installed locally.


      I could also just download the html files and put them on an internal web server, but this isn't preferred since then it wouldn't be connected to the CS5 apps, unless I can point them to an arbitrary web address for when my users hit F1 for help.


      It seems like this would be a problem not just for military users but for any company that uses development computers not connected to the internet.


      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


      - Jim Grisham, United States Navy







      Not sure if it's related, but in Flash Professional CS5 when attempting to request help from the menu I receive the following error:


      <Windows Internet Explorer>

      Cannot find 'file:///C:/Program%20Files/Common%20Files/Adobe/Help/en_US/Flash/CS5 /AS3LR/index.html


      I think that's after telling Community Help to work offline. In Photoshop, I get no such error, just a message that I need to access the internet to download help.