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    Did you know…? Animation Tips & Tricks

    SarahEssary Community Member

      Did you  know that you can animate any object you create in Project ROME – and  that it's easy to do too? Just follow these quick steps (and be sure to  have your timeline showing – View > Show Timeline):

      1.Select the object you want to animate
      2.Click on the stop watch in the upper left of the timeline
      3.Drag the top arrow within the timeline to indicate how long you want the animation to talk place (e.g., 10 seconds)

      You can drag the selected object to create an animation path, change the object's color or even transparency. Check out this latest video on more about creating animation: http://bit.ly/9m4ug4. Let us know how this works for you and if you have any suggestions or questions along the way!


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