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    White Monitor - Video not Visible


      I am using version 8.0. I have nearly 60 minutes of video and spundtrack and recently rendered the whole project.


      For whatever reason, the "monitor" is white and nothing is visible.  When I double click the monitor, the video is visible. When I click the play button, the sound plays but nothing visible in the monotor.


      Did I inadvertantly click or change something?

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          Phil Archbold

          I am also having the same problem using 8.0.


          I rendered a 4 minute video and it was working fine up until this morning. I made small changes to the project, then the program crashed. I re-opened the file and when it loaded there was a blank black screen for the whole work area.


          Like Steven, when I press space the video is playing as I can hear that and all the other sound elements through my speakers.


          I have tried updating my graphics card drivers, the program itself to 8.0.1 (which solved background rendering or something?).


          Sorry I dont know a great deal of technicalities, I am simply in desperate need of help as my presentation is tomorow.