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    How to manually manage destinations?

    aalbericio9 Level 1

      Hi all,


      How can I manually add or remove a "child" from being registered in the navigation system?


      I mean, I have a viewstack container( working as a waypoint ) such as:


      <mx:ViewStack id="wizard">

      <s:NavigatorContent automationName="1" />

      <s:NavigatorContent automationName="2" />

      <s:NavigatorContent automationName="3" />




      Navigation works here "out-of-the-box" but I imagine I want, at some stage, to remove( programatically ) the second child so that the automationName="2" is never a navigation point anymore.


      On the other hand, I also need to, at some point, add new navigation points to this viewstack container:


      Let's say I want to add:


      var newNavContent: NavigatorContent = new NavigatorContent();



      wizard.addChildAt( newNavContent, 1 );


      So that the new navigation point( child ) is available for the navigation system.


      How can I do that?