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    Dynamic Form Builder

      We are a company that has been building ColdFusion apps and content managements systems since v3.1. That said, I am (and have been for the last 2 years) in desperate need for a good “dynamic form builder”. I was hoping the Adobe would incorporate something like this into v8 (with the acquisition of Interakt), but it never seemed to happen.

      Basically, I need an open-source module that I can integrate into a non-profit application that we’re working on. We need to give our users (about 3,000) the ability to create their own forms (for event registration, contact submissions, donations, etc.) and have the data stored dynamically into a SQL Server database. Additionally, some sort of reporting and payment option integration would be nice as well.

      Does anyone know anything out there like this that exists? I've seen lots of great apps out there (like JotForm, etc.), but I can't seem to find a good ColdFusion one that I can use in my application. I am more than willing to pay for it.

      Thank you in advance.