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    Terrible For Starters


      This program makes it very difficult for beginners to want to use it. I am trying out Audition, coming over from Cubase (with a fairly good knowledge base), but I can hardly seem to get started. Firstly, when I open up Audition and start clicking around (as a beginner you may close some windows or change some settings without knowing what you're doing), so I close the program and delete my project file from the computer, and re-open Audition to start fresh... But it's still just how I left it last time with some things closed that I'd like to get back up.

      Second, It's a real pain trying to get a metronome going (which I still havent been able to do). The first thing I tried to do was look for it, nope. Couldnt find it. Next, I use the help bar, and type in "metronome". Nothing.... ah. So I google how to do it. I find a good page made by Adobe for Audition 3 on setting up a Temp. It's under Time Display and Edit Temp.  BUT, I still cant get it to work. There's no 'Turn on' or 'Off' buttons. There's a change speed and stuff.


      I'm sure there's ways to do all of these things, and if not, this is a big problem. Can someone help me out?



      I find this program very frustrating for beginners so far. Cubase was easy as pie to get going. so easy, and things are named as they are. Not "Time Display". that to me seems like the time clock settings, (maybe how you want it set up/positioned/style etc....



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          AftersixSeven Level 1

          To be honest, when Adobe released 3.0, I sorta felt the same way. But once I took the time to learn it, it became my favorite recording & mixing program. At first I preferred the simplicity of Cool Edit Pro 2.0/Adobe Audition 1.5, but now I couldn't ever see myself using those programs.


          This is why I wish there was a Beta version for PC users. I just know things have been changed enough, that PC users might want to become familiar with the changes before the Final version is released.


          And since we're most familiar with Version 3.0, we could help new users with problems they're having.


          I wish I could help, but I honestly don't know where anything is in this version. I don't have a Mac.

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            I think the development of Audition has taken it more towards the field of music production and away from its roots in radio production.


            Where I can see the need to include such elements that can enhance audio production / editing, I also think you've got to be careful you don't cloud over the basics that make the package so easy to use.



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              Matt_Stegner Adobe Employee

              If you need to reset the interface, execute "Window>Workspace>Reset "<Workspace Name>"...


              There is no metronome.