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    Flash question...not sure which section to post in...please help the n00b...


      Background: I am a designer (Illustrator/Photoshop) being thrust into the position of creating e-learning materials. I have managed to teach myself the infinitely irritating P.O.S. (piece of software) called Captivate, but am still pretty much useless in Flash.


      I have a project that a former designer created a year or two back. It appears to have been done wholly in Flash, though Captivate may have been involved (not sure why it would have, but I don't know enough about what I'm looking at to be sure). She is no longer with the company, so I can't ask her directly, but I am hoping someone can help me here. The project is essentially Jeopardy, as in the game show. The design is such that it is a static screen (identical to the Jeopardy screen), wherein a user mouse-clicks a value in a category (e.g. Forms for 200), and a window (not an actual browser window, but a flash element) opens over top of the main screen, displaying the question and giving a list of selectable answers (typically multiple choice). Correct and incorrect answers are added or subtracted from the score at bottom. It seems relatively straight-forward (and I'd be happy to post all materials here if that would help anyone answer my question). What I need to do is change these categories/questions to update this material to make it concurrent with a new training course. I am hoping I can do this with the materials I have at hand from the previous designer- ideally, update the text file (I think I can follow the formatting to understand how to update questions/answers/correct answers/etc) and then "plug it in" to this framework...but I don't know. I'm at a loss.


      The outputted Flash file (of no functional use to me, I believe) (.swf)

      The Flash file that contains the framework (this has all "0000" for scores, "Heading" for headings...aka nothing is populated in this framework) (.fla)

      The outputted html file

      A .txt file containing all questions, headings, and values that would populate the framework (example below)


      "&heading1=Banner Forms&
      &heading2=Tricks of the Trade&
      &heading3=Banner Speak&




      &question1_1=What form do you use to view a Registrar hold?&


      It seems that this text file would be imported into the open framework in Flash, but I do not know the first thing about doing any of this. I will eventually be taking some Flash courses, but this project has a much tighter deadline than that.


      Can anyone give me any insight into how to proceed? Please let me know if I should upload these files to link here, if it will help anyone to figure out how this works.


      I apologize for what I imagine is a horribly simple question, but I am truly blind with regards to this material.


      Admins, I apologize if this is not posted in the correct area.


      Thanks ahead of time for any possible help.