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    FAQ: How do I add my own plug-ins?

    _durin_ Adobe Employee

      This public beta preview of Adobe Audition for the Mac does not scan for your existing audio plug-ins on startup.  This allows for a significantly faster launch time, as well as provides you more control over what effects are available and minimizes crashes due to incompatible plug-ins.


      Once Audition has launched, click Effects > Audio Plug-in Manager... to bring up a dialog.  Here you can adjust which folders will be scanned for plug-ins and scan them.  You can select which effects are available to the application if you wish, or just enable all of them.  In the event that a plug-in causes Audition to crash or otherwise reports it is incompatible, the effect will be marked as unavailable in this list and will not be scanned again.  (In the event of a faulty installation or if you wish to attempt rescanning these blacklisted effects, you can remove them from the list and Audition will attempt to load them again the next time you scan.)


      We ask that you submit the Crash Report in the event that Audition crashes on scanning plug-ins.  It is our goal with this public preview release to ensure compatibility or reliability with as many third-party effects plug-ins as we can, and the more data you can send us about these issues, the more likely we can get these problems resolved for the final release.