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    Adobe Flash CS6


      Now is the time to put in your requests for the next version of Flash.  Post away.

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          qazsd Level 1

          First, name it Adobe Flash CS6 who ever calls it Adobe Flash Professional CS5.  Second, speed, make it fast and reliable.  Use Apple Snow Leopard as an example, speed not new features.

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            qazsd Level 1

            64 bit support is a must have for all Adobe products.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              This might be the time, but it is not the place... these are user to user forums.


              Adobe - Wishlist & Bug Report


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                Elliott Greaves

                I agree with the above posts but i would like to add my own requests for,


                + More specific documentation with live flash examples for newer users of AS3

                + 3D support flash without papervision,


                and lastly cheaper licencing

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                  64 BITS SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!
                  Or at least a better memory management.

                  I'm currently suffering hell building a full hd application, with full hd embeded video and... It's just an horror movie. My workflow is low as hell, I have to restart flash every thirty operation if it doesn't crash before... No need to say that importing file provide totally crashy random results, as exporting and saving. I'm overwhelmed by error pop-ups saying "internal error", "not enough memory", "flash have crashed"...


                  I could have understood to meet those kind of limitation some years ago, but by our times, and by considering the futur flash perspectives, I guess it could be a serious error to neglect the flash/air application field (and so, full hd stuff)...

                  For your information, my current application isn't THAT big, the swf is around 100mo...

                  Oh and... DO NOT REMOVE THE CLASSIC TWEEN
                  The motion tween is nice for some stuff, but it's a pain-where-you-know for some kind of animations

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                    Please make Amrature updates backward compatible.  Please see my Animating with Armature thread.

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                      Font rendering difference between MAC and PC for the same font.

                      Over years its been hundreds of hours i've wasted retrofitting font text feilds even statics one for rendering issues between mac and pc.


                      Also I'd like a method for finding all timeline AS. Not just for items on the main stage, but also library items. As a last resort on a several occasions i've had to drag all library items on to the stage in order to use Movie Explorer to find those random snippets that were messing up.


                      Also make the Motion Tween editor less prone to crazy adjustments, sometimes I'm trying to carefully make adjustments by dragging key values in the Motion Editor and all of a sudden it just starts zooming the whole graph huge in on direction or another. Also in general the Motion Tween manipulation on the Timeline (not in the editor) always gives me issue. Especially that i'm often trying to manipulate the stage instances through code and frequently i'll need to increase add or remove frames in random places and the motion tween always shortens or lengthens the wrong way, requiring one to go back in and re adjust the key values.


                      Thats it dude, no new features, for especially the 2 first ones, I'd pay mucho extra money for those and sing praises loud and high.





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                        Adobe Flash CS5 just released for some time. Is it possible for Adobe Flash CS6 to come up ?

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                          Please, PLEASE, PLEASE....


                          Fix the drawing tool. Toonboom has SUCH a smoother, slicker, more responsive and customizable brush tool than flash. That's the ONLY thing it does better than flash but for those of us using it to animate, it's KEY.

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                            cayennecode Level 1

                            If we don't call it "Adobe Flash Professional CS6" how will it differentiate from "Adobe Flash Amateur-Hour CS6" or "Adobe Flash Yo Titties On The Glass CS7"?  Think about it...

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                              mjloskin Level 1

                              Hi everyone,

                              I agree, better performance.


                              As a flash animator i think that could have build-in some features that only works with extensions (that are slow and don't work 100%).


                              In the drawing features it could be great to have.


                              * Spot Colors like illustrator.

                              * More flexible and configurable drawing tools, look for example the tools in the-tab software. Are intuitive and does a lot of thinks that are difficult to access with flash (like change line weight in a single line, smooth curves, etcetera).

                              * Could draw fill-only shapes with the pen tool as illustrator.

                              * Could apply a symbol or a style along a path, just like illustrator brushes, or the paths in the-tab. I see the decorated brush in the deco tool, but is extremely limited. Something like illustrator could be more easy and stronger.

                              * A tool to automatically squash and stretch the selections (maybe an option in the transform panel).


                              In the animation features.


                              * Simple way to configure animation and easing. The motion editor is extremely interesting and versatile, could be great if it works also with classic, shape and bone tool. Also it could be great to have only 1 easing concept to every tween (actually classic/shape use 1 model, motion use other, and the bones other).

                              * A way to save and reuse easing options in all tween types, maybe a panel like the motion presets.

                              * A better control of graphics behaviors in motion tweens, like in the classic ones (i think that actually to swap a symbol you could break the span and create a new one, but to change the loop, current frame, sync, etc. is really tedious this way).

                              * Some improvements in the bone tool, actually is difficult to swap symbol and that kind of stuff with the poses.

                              * Only one method to work with the timeline. I don't care if is the classic tween way, or the motion tween way. But select in one keyframes directly or with shift key, and in the other pressing control key is confusing.

                              * A brush to draw time/timming. Like the motionsketch and animator pencil extensions.

                              * Keyframe, label and some configurable skip around  navigation of the timeline with the keyboard (not only start-end  timeline and frame by frame).

                              * Could easy go inside and outside a symbol in the current frame (ex. if i was in frame 5 of the main timeline and go inside a symbol, i wish to could go to the frame 5 instead of frame 1. The same from a symbol to the main timeline).

                              *  Some easy way to view the content of symbols via a panel, with some  slider or thumbnails showing labels or frame numbers and when you select  it automatically inserts a keyframe with that keyframe ( keyframecaddy extension does).



                              In the 3d features.

                              A real 3d like papervision, could be awesome.

                              I find the work of the 3d tools in authortime useless now for the stack order issue, maybe you could fix it to work more like AfterEffects. With that and a camera layer with a panel (like toonboom, or other animation software), the 3d tool could be amazing.



                              wow, that all. Thanks for reading.


                              cheers, martín

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                                boudewijndanser Level 1

                                The downside to the wishlist is that.


                                a. You dont know whats allready submitted.

                                b. They get tons of the same requests

                                c. If you submitted alot (i know i have!) then there is no way to see if you allready submitted something lateron.

                                d. Less community involvement

                                e. You have no idea what gets used, what doesn't


                                I allready suggested this through the form, but i think something like this would be great: https://www.dropbox.com/votebox


                                I think lots of people would love to give more feedback to help the dev team make the new Flash even better, but it should be made easyer first.

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                                  jendehaan Level 4

                                  Public bugbases are great for visibility (I think that's what you're asking for, and hopefully one day Flash will have that too), but the issue with posting it here and not the wishform is that the team doesn't necessarily see it. There are a couple of us around here, but there isn't a formalized review process for these forums like there is for the wishform (forums are voluntary, wishform is a formal task). And I just don't have enough hours in the day to read every post in all threads, or address all of the issues.


                                  If something has already been suggested- that's ok - the requests and bugs are reviewed, and we check against the bugbase for duplicates. It may be a deferred duplicate, and in that case your email counts as a vote for it, and it would also be sent back to management for review if it hasn't already been requested for the release. But submitting it to the wishform guarantees someone that focuses in the area(s) of the feature request will see and file the enhancement. If it's here on the forums - it may not be seen, count as a vote, or be reopened for consideration.


                                  Hope that helps!

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                                    boudewijndanser Level 1

                                    Thank you for the reply! That is what I meant, yes.
                                    The issue you're talking about is easily fixed I think, there isn't that much difference to an online input system that the dev team checks and a certain email box right? (My 2 cents.) I didn't mean it has to be on this forum, just more of a 2 way communication process.


                                    My hunch is that it is more a policy / company thing.
                                    I just see loads of potential for Adobe and the users!
                                    Also in keeping in contact with the users between releases, not just at every release.
                                    Anyway, thank you for responding.




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                                      jendehaan Level 4

                                      Yes - several products at Adobe (including Flash Player) have public bugbases - so the management is definitely aware of them, and I know it definitely has advantages (and overhead), but I can't speak for them why it isn't a possibility quite yet as I'm very far removed from that process and do not know the details myself. Anyway, it's a team-by-team thing as opposed to company or policy as some products here do have public bugbases.


                                      The other place you can go is here: http://ideas.adobe.com/ct/ct_list.bix?c=6D2B3E83-E9E6-4F44-BFB4-F99CBC0646AE  - but it's not different than the forums, in that there isn't a formal process in place for monitoring that I'm aware of. But it does have Flash Authoring as a product and voting.


                                      All I can say, if something is very important to you and you strongly want it in a future release, please use the wishform (in addition to any other spot for discussion, of course!) so the team is notified for sure.



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                                        boudewijndanser Level 1

                                        Thank you for your reply, I bookmarked the ideas page.

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                                          DigitalChristian Level 1

                                          Flash needs a much better Actionscript IDE. The current actionscript IDE lacks so many features (when compared to Visual Studio for C sharp) such as:


                                          - Code refactoring

                                          - Find usage (very important)

                                          - Improved search tool

                                          - Go to source (very important)

                                          - Seperation of custom methods/variables from existing methods/variables for code hint. For example, if there was a custom class that extends a Sprite class. And bringing up code hint for the custom class will also bring all existing code hint for Sprite class. This makes it difficult to find the method/variable from the custom class. Even having a different 'bullet' color would be extremely helpful.

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                                            Yes, I agree with most of these posts.  No new features. 64

                                            BIT!!!!  Fix current bugs.

                                            A lot of us have worked with flash for a long time, and it is the best, but it's getting close to time to look at other products simply because of memory management i.e. 64 bit

                                            or other bugs.  Please make every

                                            part of flash CS6 be 64 bit i.e. the compiler, the runtime.. everything.  It won't help much if the application is 64 bit, but the compiler is still 32

                                            bit.  Sometimes large corparation cut stuff to hit release deadlines and I have a feeling that will happen here, which is why I hope Adobe's primary goal is 64 bit for the entire application and please don't release it until it is ready.  I'm pretty sure most of us will be happy to wait if the next version is completely 64 bit and stable.  Thank You!

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                                              richmaxw Level 1



                                              1. Please give us more AS3 components. If you want us to start using AS3, then you should add more AS3 components to Flash Professional -- RichTextBox, Calendar, DateChooser, ColorPicker, Accordion, LineChart, etc. You offer a lot of them for AS2 projects. And you offer all of them in Flash Builder. I'm not going to buy Flash Builder just to get them because I hate Flash Builder. So, add them to Flash CS6.
                                              2. We should be able to run ActionScript without debugging or exporting our movie. That way, ActionScript would be like MEL in Maya. We could use ActionScript to draw things on the stage inside the IDE, then manipulate our ActionScript-generated graphics with our mice. You could add a command box with an execute button for us to enter pre-compiled AS code. Or maybe you could add an option to execute the code to the context menu of the Actions Frame.



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                                                Muhammad Taqi Kirmani
                                                • Should add support for Android the same way as it works for iPhone. When you package an application for iPhone it compiles as a native iOS app and donot require a prerequisite while in Android it require Adobe AIR installed on the device.
                                                • It should also add app support for other mobile platforms including Microsoft Windows Moblie and Nokia's Maemo.
                                                • More support for 3D in the IDE.
                                                • Supporting Open GL would be a plus.
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                                                  I need :

                                                  - C3D object components including 3D files (3DSMax, Softimage, Maya) and basic models as plane, sphere, cube, torus, tube, polygons.

                                                  - A nodal window to select and organise symboles and objets more easier than in the timeline (a nodal system as we can find in Shake or 3D softwares). This could be integrated in After Effects and Photoshop too.

                                                  - a component to control sounds, as easy as FLVPlayback.

                                                  - new components to record datas on a server without coding, in PHP/MySQL.

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                                                    funnyle Level 1
                                                    • Admob - Adsense support
                                                    • In App Payments (InFlash)
                                                    • Plugin Architecture (like Shockwave)
                                                    • C# support - (CLI)
                                                    • Mobile AIR - Licence - like ARM->
                                                    • Faster for Mobile - more native API (Android)
                                                    • WP7 support
                                                    • Direct upload to Adobe Marketplace
                                                    • and so on...


                                                    have a nice day


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                                                      Something i would like to find in future adibe products:



                                                      ****We already have adobe products divided into some basic catagories like creative suite design premium, web premium,  acrobat family... and so on.

                                                      For those familiar with adobe products, its fine, but new users are often confused on which product to use for what.


                                                      For example, I was trying to create a website and I searched google for some help... even in Adobe forums and i came up with suggestions saying that I could use FC, FB, Flash Pro, Dreamweaver and so on...

                                                      So I tried refining my search I looked for help on creating a flash animated website. Again I came up with FC, FB, Flash pro...

                                                      So, as a nubie, I couldnt decide what to do...


                                                      Same goes for illustrator, photoshop wt. Atleast, photoshop is a product whose name seems to make most sense and does exactly what its name describes...U can edit photos/images in photoshop.


                                                      So basically, I would like to see a common main window for related programs....

                                                      say, if one is planning to do some flash, all u need to open is one prog for example, flash pro.... and inside it, u can do a multilevel tabbed windows, with each tab being able to open any flash project among FC, FB or flash Pro types and each such project tab sporting a next level of tabs for documents and elements.... ofcourse FC is for codeless animation where as FB for data integration while Flash pro for more advanced animation in AS. But doesnt a general flash project most often make use of all these aspects to some or the other extent? So, I feel it would be good to have a single program which integrates all these together.


                                                      It is understandable that as FC, FB and pro has diff functions, their UI differs...but I found lots and lots of common tools, functions and stuff between FC, FB and pro, just that they are differently arranged or in different places, which again makes things difficult. So, having a single window interface with most of the 'COMMON' tools and stuff layout to be whereever the user arranges it in the main app, and only changing the specific-to-the-typ-of-work tools according to what the user is trying to do would be , i think, a great idea.

                                                      Rather thn having to save a project i did in FC, then starting up FB and importing the saved project, working on it and then saving it, then starting up flash pro and importing this FB and so in, it would be better to work on a project in the same app. Once you finish UI, you dont need to do any import/export. Rather, just directly from some easily accessable menu click code view, and you are working on the same project, but now from a coding perspective...and you feel like doin some data related stuff in your project, you can directly switch over to the data view. And, such a merging should allow smooth transition between these view at any point of time in any order to and fro without having to do any save/import/export or such.

                                                      This would allow a greater flexibility of work approach. If some one prefers to do the whole UI first, then do the data stuff and finally the fine tuning, this setup allows it. and if someone prefers to do the project element by element, ie, build one element ui->data->fine tune, then next element ui->data->fine tuning and combine them finally, then do some final finishing touches in data->UI->fine tuning order, still, this method allows it.....Order doesnt matter.


                                                      Similarly, I think photoshop and illustrator could be integrated (and maybe fireworks?) into one app. let the main interface be the same, but according to the type of project u choose, the specific-toolset would change per tab, while the common ones would remain in the same place...for example, i make something in AI but finally realise that i need to do some adjustments to it in photoshop perspe4ctive, rather than having to start up the photoshop (as a seperate app,) i just switch the view and directly work on the project. See?


                                                      And So on... AND, let such unified apps have a common file format, rather than having to import/export in seperate file formats for each particular app... ofcourse, really specific projects should be allowed to be saved into specific formats.... for examle, when building a flash web, it would be best if i could save work from FC or FB or Flash pro  view into the same single file (suppose example.fla) which i could open in FC, FB or flash pro view whenever needed without having to do any import, extract or make a separate copy according to the view in which i open it....


                                                      This unifying may lead to performance issues as there arises the need to load lots of common stuff among apps, one could say. Well, in that case, there has to be some sort of check done so that only the most commonly used  stuff gets loaded and others are loaded/unloaded as need arises...




                                                      Similar to say, visual studio. The app is same and the interface is same, yet u can do C++, C#, vb as well as F# projects, both web based as well as desktop app in the same IDE... and u could mingle stuff from different things into one another too, i think....





                                                      ****another plus would be a line by line code execution and breakpoints which are easy to use. Helps debugging.



                                                      ****another idea would be automatically converting an image to 3d. there are various (hardware?) methods used by various 3d panel developers to convert native 2d images/videos into a 3d type something so that users can see the stuff in 3d perspective. ofcourse, here, the image is not truely 3d, but just made to have the same effect. This would be a great supplement and added point to making true 3d figures/images in adobe products.

                                                      for example, if i had a picture/image which i want to convert to 3d. remaking the whole picture element by elemnt into a true 3d one is a lot of work. rather, it would be easier to let the computer make the proper guess on how and what to transform in the image to give it a 3d perspective and then make those adjustments... and then maybe let the user do a 'fine tuning' according to his/her needs....



                                                      ****let us have more tools. now there are a lot of tools available that are available in flash as well as css, ajax, jquery and so on. for example, accordions,

                                                      carousel views, multilevel menus, tabbed navigations, image gallery, lightbox, video gallery with live thumbnails, audio player for websites, video player for websites, page flips,etc. as well as common tools for desktop apps also, like simple widgets, calender, clocks, datetime chooser, searchboxes, docks, file browse dialogues etc. It would be nice if such common tools could be provided for a WYSIWYG drag&drop interface, with the ability to customize the tools if the user wishes to do so...

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                                                        robosnacks Level 1

                                                        PLEASE UPDATE THE BRUSH TOOL!

                                                        Look at toonboom Pro's vector brush tool. SO much better and actually draws what you sketch, not some 'smoothed' shelbyville version of it. In Flash you either get crumbly, horrible edges or a smoothed version that is not what you actually drew. Love Flash, hate the brush tool and that's 50% of what I use it for. I realize I'm in the minority but this hasn't even been touched since they made it way back when. It's like having a ferrari with a steering wheel made of soft play dough.


                                                        For single images/painting etc, pShop or painter are great. For doing hundreds to thousands of quick and dirty sketches at a time, Flash has some great features that over the past decade have made it a better option for me than photoshop. I know it's possible to make the Brush better because I've seen it done with ToonBoom vector brushes. Why not use toonboom then? Everything else Flash does right, that app does poorly so far. It's extra noticeable when you get close to the sketch, and that's kind of the point of scalable vector graphics right? Here's some comparisons of the same quick 10 sec sketch. The first 2 are bitmap, the second two are vector. I show the bitmaps so it's clear just how much better a job Toonboom's brush is doing:




                                                        (Coin tossed into the great Adobe fountain)

                                                        ...please Adobe. Make my wish come true! Double Rainbow all the way!

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                                                          PLEASE put the TLF into the flash player... I refuse to use it just because of the 100K library and its poor performance...


                                                          The TLF is also a huge step forward for flash but there is no development that I know of for the actual flash ide... You can only make use if all new developments if you use flex... Whats the point of making proweful text improvements but only doing it half heartedly... Its the same with many of the improvements flash comes out with... The next thing you know there's 3d in flash... "YAY" until you use it... half a completed project that has substandard performance... not in rendering but in things like z sorting and many more...


                                                          The ideas are always more exciting than actually using the stuff that flash releases. eg... YAY... TLF "powerful" text capabilities... how do we insert a bullet point... "well you can't"... what good is that... I can't explain to a client that something as seemingly simple as a bullet point isn't supported... but hey you can have vertical text.


                                                          I think that using the TLF in the core of the flash player and working on "completing" it would be a major step in the right direction.


                                                          I think one of the reasons flash gets such a bad name among some people is because of that lack of performance of the "big projects" ie: TLF and 3D


                                                          It would be nice if with CS6 when a client asks for something to not have to search the forums in a panic for workarounds because... "i didn't know when i started that the TLF couldn't insert a bullet point"


                                                          Flash at this point is like buying a sportscar that looks and seems awesome but when you get it you realise it only comes with 3 wheels with no option for adding the fourth... "useless". Rather than adding anything new to flash please just complete (to an awesome standard) the projects you have already started...


                                                          Please take this as costructive feedback as i love using flash and stick up for it in the work place but my excusses are getting old

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                                                            emrah atilkan

                                                            -3d tools for molehill, i dont wanna use unity, it is always a problem in 3d engine's coordinates. cant find them easily.

                                                            -textField is replaced already, it is awesome.

                                                            -we dont care about ios support. it is not a must.

                                                            -64bit support.

                                                            -better documentation

                                                            -code writing shortcuts like FB and FDT

                                                            • 27. Re: Adobe Flash CS6

                                                              1. Not to crash whenever I try to move shapes too quickly.


                                                              2. Not crash when I click in and out of symbols quickly.


                                                              3. Not crash for no reason, every hour.


                                                              4. Not crash when I look at it wrong.


                                                              5. Not take 5-7 seconds to save a file. Unacceptable.


                                                              6. Not to be another churned-out, bug-ridden, rushed and bloated version of Flash from a company that has no Quality Assurance.



                                                              I can dream.

                                                              • 28. Re: Adobe Flash CS6
                                                                emrah atilkan Level 1

                                                                stability is enough.

                                                                • 29. Re: Adobe Flash CS6

                                                                  MAKE FLASH OUTPUT JQUERY...


                                                                  With Wallabe - we can obviously target what action script is being used, because you can give a detailed ERROR LOG of what wasn't exported correctly... Take those exported actions that were lost and pair them to the The JQUERY Library.



                                                                  We are already breaking the animation into XML, and outputting all the graphics as SVGs.... Put it all together...



                                                                  DO THIS AND FLASH WILL BE RELAVANT IN THE UNIVERSE AGAIN.

                                                                  • 30. Re: Adobe Flash CS6
                                                                    Darkriderdesign Level 1

                                                                    MAKE FLASH OUTPUT JQUERY CONTENT.




                                                                    DO THIS AND FLASH WILL HAVE RELAVANCE AGAIN.



                                                                    As a Flash developer for the last 15 years, it mkaes me absolutly sick to my stomach, that people talk about animation and Interface and animation in JQuery. when I know that Flash can do it cheaper faster and more elagant.



                                                                    I THINK WE'VE REACHED A FORK IN THE ROAD ADOBE.... YOU GUYS NEED TO FIGURE THIS OUT...


                                                                    • WE HAVE ACTION SCRIPT 3
                                                                    • WE HAVE ANIMATION THAT EXPORTS TO XML
                                                                    • WE HAVE WALLABE, WITH THE ABILITY TO EXPORT TO HTML5 CANVAS AND SVGS GRAPHICS



                                                                    NOW SPIN IT AL TOGETHER

                                                                    • 31. Re: Adobe Flash CS6
                                                                      Moudy Pasha

                                                                      I just wish that flash would support importing 3D modles (e.g: .obj files). This would help us alot in encriching our websites with interactive 3D models.


                                                                      I also wish that actionscript would be able to connect to database without any intermediate layers (like PHP or .net ..etc)



                                                                      • 32. Re: Adobe Flash CS6
                                                                        emrah atilkan Level 1

                                                                        actionscript is not a server language so it cant connect database because of security reasons. you need to learn more and wish meaningfull things.

                                                                        • 33. Re: Adobe Flash CS6 - SORRY ABOUT MY CAPS - everyone
                                                                          Darkriderdesign Level 1

                                                                          I would take back my CAPS.


                                                                          and replace them with, Dude lets figure out how to either work with or output to JQuery.  Totally lovin the Wallabe project.

                                                                          • 34. Re: Adobe Flash CS6

                                                                            64 Bit and better memory management please, please, please!

                                                                            • 35. Re: Adobe Flash CS6

                                                                              A stricter Actionscript 4.

                                                                              • 36. Re: Adobe Flash CS6
                                                                                Darcey76 Level 1

                                                                                1. Quite a few updates to AS3 or maybe AS4.


                                                                                2. Much much better memmory management and accesss to memory utilities / commands


                                                                                3. Would be nice if Flash didn't crash all the time.


                                                                                4. Having 20 movieclip text items with alpha shouldn't bring the application to grinding halt when doing simple tasks.


                                                                                5. Better font handling


                                                                                6. Built in configurable and actionscript accessible library / import compression and decompression of files (fonts / images etc with AS3 progress for decompression)

                                                                                • 37. Re: Adobe Flash CS6
                                                                                  sexcBoy Level 1

                                                                                  Most important of all is a native converter for mobile platform. Then I can stay in flash.

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Adobe Flash CS6
                                                                                    robosnacks Level 1

                                                                                    A FEW MORE REQUESTS:


                                                                                    1 - AFX < > FLA

                                                                                    You can already open an After FX file with Flash, why not the other way around? Please complete this circle!


                                                                                    2 - EXPORT PSD SEQUENCE

                                                                                    The ability to export a PSD sequence would allow you to export your layers and elements allowing compatibility with a greater array of programs.

                                                                                    Flash uses nested timelines. Never get rid of this BTW - it's what flash does SO well.

                                                                                    However, that creates a complication in exporting because you're then dealing with multiple overlaying timelines.


                                                                                    Suggested solution:

                                                                                    - Treat each FRAME of the core/main timeline as a PSD file and export with the existing layers of that timeline.


                                                                                    - Okay, but my Flash file also plays looping and non-looping movie clips within that main timeline, each library item with it's OWN timeline, often with many layers.


                                                                                    - For each GRAPHIC, BUTTON, or MOVIE CLIP the main timeline PSD encounters, treat that subsequent timeline as a PSD GROUP (The folder icon in the Photoshop Layers menu). Within that group you include the layers of the Flash library item that was encountered for that specific frame. This could lead to nesting within nesting within nesting....into infinity - but that's up to the user to decide how crazy they want to be right?


                                                                                    - ...that's super confusing can I see a picture?


                                                                                    - Yes:  http://web.me.com/jedoralive/techSupport/NESTING_FOLDERS.html


                                                                                    - Okay, but what if I want to be able to export one single timeline of a library item, or one specific layer of a timeline?


                                                                                    - ....


                                                                                    3 - SPECIFIC TIMELINE/LAYER EXPORT OPTIONS

                                                                                    The ability to specify frame ranges and layers of the main movie clip, different scenes, or even just a specified range of frames on a specified range of layers on a single library items timeline.


                                                                                    4 - SWF EXPORTER

                                                                                    No...not just the whole file as a big fat swf. Exporting your FLA library as SWF, OR PSD, or MOV to be opened and usable in AFX, or other editing software.

                                                                                    • 39. Re: Adobe Flash CS6

                                                                                      I'm lossing my Job, please add everything mentioned above , all my company's clients are now withdrawing of the use of flash technology.

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