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    Problems publishing to Facebook and Flickr

    ShawWellPete Level 1

      I have been happily publishing collections to Flickr and Facebook since lightroom 3 came out and recently they have both stopped working. I think the problems happened after I changed the structure of  some of my keywords.

      From memory, I had two keywords "baby" and "baby photos" and wanted to merge them. I selected all photos with keyword "baby photos" and dragged them to the "baby" keyword and then deleted "baby photos" from the keyword list.


      Now I get the follwoing problems




      I get "failed to retrieve item info"  error


      It seems to always add the first photo on the list to Facebook, despite of the error. And it does it multiple times (multiple copies in Facebook) if I try to publish multiple times...




      "An internal error has occurred: ?:0: attempt to index field '_dataChanges' (a nil value)"  error


      Same situation as facebook, first photo is published but not the rest, photos remain in  "New Photos to Publish"


      I have commented on two individual posts by people who were having similar problems but I thought it may help if I explained that I was having problems with both Flickr and Facebook and how, I think, the error came about.

      Should I report this as a bug?


      Any ideas for a work around?


      Thank you



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