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    Flash version problems when using Extension Manager


      I am deaf so I wanted to try the extension at

      http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/exchange/index.cfm?event=extensionDetail&loc=en_us&extid=1182 518

      in case any web sites I visit happen to have provided captioning.


      When I try to install the extension with Extension Manager CS5, it halts with a message saying that I need Flash version 8 or higher.  Downgrading from Flash version 10.1 to 9.x did not help.  Further downgrading to version 8.42 did not help either.  Yes, I did uninstall Flash each time before installing the next version.


      I spent some time trying to find help in "Adobe Community Help", but that program is useless because the font is so tiny and it does not provide a way for the user to select a usable font size.   Reducing my display resolution enough to make "Adobe Community Help" readable renders everything else useless because menus, buttons, fonts, dialog boxes, etc are now so freaking huge.

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          Carl Sun Level 4

          This extension is for Flash in Creative Suite (Flash CS5) , not for Flash player. It seems that you are downgrading your flash player plugin or ActiveX. Please confirm you have installed Flash CS5.

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            Rob_Stow Level 1

            I do not have the "Creative Suite" in any version.   I thought I was trying to install an extension for viewing content - I have no interest in creating anything. 


            I went back to the link I posted and it still makes me think it is an extension for displaying captions and that there is a different extension for creating them.


            If it really is not an extension to allow end-users to read captions, then I've been wasting both of ours times.  I'll just go back to nagging web sites - news sites in particular - to stop using Flash and switch to proper video formats that allows captioning for deaf users.

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              Harbs. Level 6

              Yes. That's definitely for creating Flash captions -- not what you want...


              You can send that link to those creating Flash content without the captions though...



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                Rob_Stow Level 1

                The link I originally posted was the only thing I could find to something that looked like it would display captions.   If there are no Flash extensions for displaying captions, then there is not much point in telling web sites about something that can add captions to their Flash video clips.


                If you know of a way to make Flash display captions, please let me know.   So far the very few sites I've seen that have had captioning had their video clips play in the QuickTime or Windows Media Player browser extensions - which is what I've been nagging places like CNN and CBC to switch to.