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    Error message [..\..\Src\Win\WinFile.cpp-758]

    jordeangjelovik Level 1

      i tried to encode AVI video file with media encoder CS5 to MPEG2

      and after it seemed the encoding was done i got this message?





      can enyone help me with this?

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          hhansard Level 1

          Is there any more to this message?

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            hhansard Level 1

            I can't find any references to error code 758.  Think someone from Adobe needs to chime in here.  You may want to call technical support.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              Have you installed the Adobe Media Encoder CS5 (5.0.1) update?


              What operating system? Are you encoding this file using the standalone Adobe Media Encoder application, or are you doing it through a client application like Premiere Pro?


              The more details you give, the more likely we can help.

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                jordeangjelovik Level 1

                i have not update it to 5.0.1

                i use Windows 7 ultimate x64

                AMD Sempron 140 Processor 2.71GHz

                Ram 4GB

                500GB of HD storage (half empty)

                i tried both ways

                first i opened AME stand alone and then trough the Premiere CS5 the same error message

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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                  > i have not update it to 5.0.1


                  You should always update to the most recent version, especially if you're having problems. Updates fix many bugs.

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                    Retired Spook

                    I had the same problem with recently updated Encore (5.01.) Tried shortening & simplifying file names with no luck either. I tried half a dozen things that sometimes work (e.g., refreshing source material, restarting Prmier Pro project from scratch) because of an error I overlooked. Nothing worked. Then, much by accident, I looked at the Media Cache. I had recently shifted the Media Cache to a new 3 TB hard drive that wasn't being used very heavily, figuring I had a lifetime supply of space. Wrong. It was completely filled up, mostly with the Media Cache. I cleared the Media Cache [Edit > Preferences > Media...] and BINGO! The project rendered cleanly.


                    Hope this helps.


                    Adobe needs to address this issue. The best solution would be to automatically clear out the cache materials associated with a perticular project whenever the project drops off the radar. A minimal solution that should be quick and easy to implement would be to monitor the empty space on the scratch disk and flash a pop-up warning when it was getting too full.


                    Addendum, 10 May 2012:


                    This one has left me thoroughly confused. Just ran a similar set of files through Encore, cleared the cache first, then good ole 758 again. It took several attempts, but finally it went through. Then I discovered I had forgotten to set something minor in the navigation and had to re-do it. Three tries later, it worked. Phase of the moon, I suppose.


                    This is not the first time this has happened - it happens occasionally with other similar files. I have had my best success running Encore when I let it run alone.  It doesn't seem to time share very well with other programs, which is inconvenient because I like to work with Premiere and Photoshop getting the next project ready to go while Encore is processing the current one. Encore needs a batch queue like the one Premiere uses so I could prep the projects in Premiere/Photoshop during the day and then let the Encore queue run overnight. The queue would have to be configured so that if one project failed it would set it aside and move on to the next one.


                    Another problem Encore has is hanging temporarily. It doesn't die but just quits responding for a short time. It took me a while to discover that Encore was running but just not responsive to the operating system. I'm a little surprised because I have a fairly fast AMD 6 core chip and lots of RAM (or so I thought) at 16 GB. The gadgets and Resource Monitor tell me that the six cores are frequently using over 90% of the available combines cpu cycles and occasionally most of the available RAM.


                    I put in a 256 GB  solid state drive, divided between the o/s and installed programs, leaveing about 120 GB for the files I was processing. The idea was that everything would be moving strictly in solid state. Maybe that speeded the system up too much. Putting in a 120 GB SSD sure made an 8-year old XP box scream though.


                    I am looking forward to getting CS6 in the next few weeks - I hope they have these bugs sorted out by then. From what I have seen in the forums, similar WinFile.cpp problems have been in existence since CS4 at least.


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