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    Keeping the toolbars that I want

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      There is some info on the other thread that I dont want to repeat, so this is the link:




      but briefly



      I have unchecked this setting for years but I am weekly  bothered by

      Acrobat 8 changing the  toolbar selection against my wishes.

      Is  this my fate to suffer every few days when acrobat randomly with a

      mind  of its own changes the settings ?

      My  fingers hurt from typing unnecessary keys in the keyboard. Can any

      responsible  soul from adobe get a patch to solve this problem or a one click

      javascript  ? If I fix the problem in one instance of acrobat, ie the annotation

      bar  specifically, underline, multipe clones of it appear on other windows  and

      finally the program crashed or  the screen starts flickering.


      >  The way the document interface works changed dramatically with Acrobat
      >  8 (they moved from MDI to SDI). What this means is that when you have
      >  a PDF open in Acrobat and set up toolbars, that setup is now attached
      >  to that particular PDF, not application-wide for any PDF. There is a
      >  preference setting to control this under the Documents Panel called
      >           "Restore Last View Settings when reopening documents"
      > - you can 
      >           UNcheck
      > this to keep the setup you want  rather than whatever was set up with
      > that document open.

      > To set up the toolbars so that each time you start Acrobat the
      >  toolbars you want are in the toolbar well, you need to start Acrobat
      >  with NO documents open and set up the toolbars of choice.
      >  If you had a PDF open previoulsy, set up the toolbars in a certain way
      >  and do not UNcheck the preference mentioned above, then the next time
      >  you open that PDF you will see the setup from the last time it was
      >  open in Acrobat.
      > Well, that's probably clear as mud  but I hope you can make sense out
      > of it.
      > Hope  this helps,
      > Dimitri
      > WindJack Solutions
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