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    Growing Text fields




      I have one problem that I cannot solve. I have been using google to find out how to be able let Text fields grow while you write into them so the scoll bar wont come up or the txt in the field goes just to the constantly to the right. I have not found a solution but I have found this:


      1) Open a new form and drop a text field on your form.
      2) On the object inspector, click on the "field" tab.
      3) Check the "Allow multiple lines" box and set your desired property values.
      4) On the "layout" inspector, select "expand to fit" in the dimension that you want (i.e: width and/or height)
      5) From the hierrachy, right click on your textfield and select "wrap in subform".
      6) Select your new subform that just created. On the "Object" inspector, select "subform" tab.
      7) Choose "flow content" for type. Select "top to bottom" for flow direction.
      8 ) On the "layout" inspector, select "auto-fit" for both height and width.
      9) Now, you can test your form by click on "PDF preview" tab.

      And with this I am able to write into them / press tab, and then it grows. But still not the result I was looking for. I would like to be able to write into the Text fields and it grows with the writing....


      BUT..... Then another issue comes up.
      If I am writing a lot in a Text Field, it grows over the next Text Field that is below it! So when you write more then the box is designed for the text box goes over the next one. And this I have not been able to solve..
      How am I able to lock those fields or connect them so when someone writes more into one the text field then the field is, it grows While writing and Everything that is below Moves down with it. ??...


      Hope that someone is able to answer this for me.

      Kind regards.