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    Do I have everything?

    Anhialator Community Member
      I have no formal training in this, but have been a didactic student for a few years. I have:
      1. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional (CS3 Web Premium)
      2. Downloaded Flash Lite 1.1 and 2.0 CDK
      3. Download and installation BREW SDK v3.1.5
      4. Want to use my LG VX8300 for development
      5. Have USB cable for my LG
      6. A familiarity with FLASH, AS2, PHP

      I also have, what I'm thinking might be a silly question. How do I get the .swf files onto my LG VX8300 for viewing? Right now, I only have the knowledge to view in the IDE, but want to actually view on my LG VX8300. Do I have everything I need? Where can I learn how to actually get the .swf files onto the phone?

      A good tutorial for me to read would be fine. A book for me to read would be fine. I know you're busy. If you can make suggestions, I will be so grateful!

      Thank you, so much for you patience and help.