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    MP4 Problem in Preview Monitor

    flbreen Level 1

      I have been using SD MP4 files as source with great results.

      I had been able to search through MP4 files and view them smoothly in the Preview Monitor.

      All of a sudden there is a lot of jitter making it very irritating to search through MP4 file.

      The jitter starts when the figures on the screen begin to move.

      The individual figures shake in place the move along and shake again.

      I also noticed that when I search through the MP4 files the cpu usage goes up to %50 percent.

      It seem to me that the CPU is working much more than it worked before.

      Have I somehow stopped the GPU from working properly?

      Under Projects Settings ->Video Rendering and Playback - the only selection is greyed out.


      I can still search through AVI files with no difficulty.