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    menu Xtra

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      I know my question is probably a FAQ. But, have done lots of reasearch
      and still have no answer.

      I'm looking for an Xtra that can create a drop down menu, (hopefuly very
      simple and easy to use). Also, would like it to be cross platform.

      This is what I've found so far
      * StarMenu Xtra - http://www.starsoftmultimedia.com/xtras/StarMenu/
      Looks good from online demo biut only for window.

      * OSControl Xtra - http://xtras.openspark.com/index.php?page=OSC_home
      Looks good. Not sure how much control I can have with background colour,
      fonts and sizes. Maybe I just aven't got teh hang of it yet.

      * Buddy Menu - http://www.mods.com.au/budmenu
      haven't really explored it as there's no demo movie and I haven't got to
      reading the help. Has anyone used this. Is it easy?

      * TetonPop - www.tetonmultimedia.com
      Didn't seem to work in the demo I downloaded. Gave script errors.

      * cXtraPopup
      Demo didn't work.

      Are there any others? What is the most user friendly and most flexible?

      Thank you for your time.

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          My recommendation, FWIW, would be the OSControls Xtra - not only do you
          get a menu, but you get a bunch of other controls too. However, you
          can't change the bgColor of the control - it is dependent on system
          settings. It is similar to but more powerful than Buddy Menu