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    Flash builder & getChildByName

    luke3design!! Level 1

      Hi  *,

           I recently started a new flash builder project in which I included some former actionscript 3 class I developed for flex 3.

      Two of this classes make use of the function getChildByName() to retrieve 3 button contained in a Hbox (now HGroup) and then apply to this button some bindings and some action.

      One thing I noticed while developing the rest of the application is that the name you give to a component is then referenced as the Id property in actionscript.

      I'm using the spark components and I read the adobe reference regarding children handling and it says that the getChildByName method is not available when working with spark components.

      I bypassed this problem using the getChildAt, but I would like to use something closer to getChildByName (<dream>Since the componets name is the ID property I wished there was something like javascript getElementById but no luck</dream>)


      Anyone has some advisment on this?

      Thanks so much 4 the attention