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        I'm trying to follow jt's advice, but I have the following problems:

        1. You say in WinPC #2 that ADE should see the device.  Well I can't find a list of devices anywhere in ADE.
        2. In case you meant that I can access the device from ADE during an Upload, fine, but depending on which Upload button I press, it limits the search to either (*.epub;*.pdf) or (documents), neither of which will allow access to my file, which is a .acsm file I downloaded as I purchased an ebook from Pengiun Group.


        I thought acsm files were the DRM versions of epub files, but I guess I've got something to learn there.  I can read vanilla epub files on my EVO with any of a number of reader apps.


        I dragged the acsm file into the Purchased bookshelf in ADE, and it took it fine; it's sitting on the shelf now, and I can read it in ADE.  (I already could read it in the Sony Reader Library WinPC app, as well.)


        It seems to that the Adobe Reader Android app would support ADE and acsm files, but I can't tell that it does.


        So, how does all this work with acsm files, and what am I missing, if anything, about ADE recognizing my EVO?



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          Hi IMoPerfect

          The way it works on my Windows 7 setup is:

          1. Make sure you have txtr set up on your phone properly as per jitenderADE's message - in 'Settings' make sure you have 'Login Adobe Account' verified.
          2. Import the book into ADE - for me .acsm is a link to the book, which is actually either a .pdf or .epub.
          3. When my phone is plugged in I choose this setting on my phone - "Disk Drive" so it is recognized like a USB drive by Windows. A Windows 'AutoPlay' dialog box opens showing it as a "Removable Disk (#)' and I choose 'Open folder to view files'.
          4. Then in ADE go to the 'Library View' - you will see 'All Items', 'Borrowed', 'Purchased' & 'Recently Read'. Under this you should see your phone - EVO.
          5. Transfer the book, which should be viewed by clicking on 'All Items' to your phone. You simply click on the book and drag it to the side pain and let go when it is above the name of your phone - EVO.
          6. Then click on the name of your device - EVO to make sure it was put on your phone.
          7. Follow jitenderADE's advice. Use the Windows folder view of the contents of your phone to find the Digital Edition folder on your phone - to delete the file you transferred within ADE to your phone.
          8. Etc etc.


          Hope this helps!

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            lMoPerfect Level 1

            Thanks, Pieter.  It is helpful.


            1. Make sure you have txtr set up on your phone properly as per jitenderADE's message - in 'Settings' make sure you have 'Login Adobe Account' verified.

              Check. Same name and password as ADE.

            2. Import the book into ADE - for me .acsm is a link to the book, which is actually either a .pdf or .epub.

              Check. Again, none of the Upload buttons allowed me to access a .acsm file. Dunno why I didn't try simple drag/drop; it worked just fine.

            3. When my phone is plugged in I choose this setting on my phone - "Disk Drive" so it is recognized like a USB drive by Windows. A Windows 'AutoPlay' dialog box opens showing it as a "Removable Disk (#)' and I choose 'Open folder to view files'.

              Check. No autoplay for me, but I can open the EVO as a drive with Win Explorer. If that didn't work, I think DropBox would be another way to simplify the transfer.

            4. Then in ADE go to the 'Library View' - you will see 'All Items', 'Borrowed', 'Purchased' & 'Recently Read'. Under this you should see your phone - EVO.

              Uncheck. I also have 'Free stuff', 'Fiction', and 'Nonfiction'.  But nothing but black below that -- no devices. Never used ADE before, and the Help file doesn't talk about seeing devices, so I didn't know where to look.  Thanks.

            5. Transfer the book, which should be viewed by clicking on 'All Items' to your phone. You simply click on the book and drag it to the side pain and let go when it is above the name of your phone - EVO.

              Check, but not your way. I couldn't do it your way, cuz my device isn't listed, so nowhere to drop after dragging. Tried dragging to a Win Explorer window, but ADE won't let the mouse pointer leave its window while dragging. It's a Check, cuz once I found the .epub file in the My Digital Editions folder, I uploaded to my txtr web account. I expected to have license problems, since I couldn't do the device transfer from ADE jitenderADE talked about. BUT, I pressed Archive, there it was, I touched it, and now I'm reading my book!

            6. Then click on the name of your device - EVO to make sure it was put on your phone.

              Uncheck, per the above.

            7. Follow jitenderADE's advice. Use the Windows folder view of the contents of your phone to find the Digital Edition folder on your phone - to delete the file you transferred within ADE to your phone.

              Uncheck. no epubs or much of anything else in my Digital Editions folder on my phone -- mostly png files.

            8. Etc etc.


            So, dunno why no devices are listed in ADE, though my phone shows a USB icon and Win Explorer sees it and works with it fine. And dunno why I can read my book on my phone without ever doing any transfer to the phone by ADE. But at least I'm reading!


            Thanks again, Pieter.



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              Just wanted to let everyone know that I just bought a Nook Color (Barnes and Noble and other places such as Best Buy) and had absolutely no trouble at all downloading a book from the library to ADE and then to my Nook!!  This new Nook is Android-based (2.1 -- no flash memory yet) although the Android operating system doesn't have an app market yet -- just the ones it comes with.  Supposedly they will open an app store tailored to the Nook Color after the first of the year.  I think they wanted to get it out the door for Christmas and didn't want it to be buggy -- so they just included things that worked well.


              The color and resolution is pretty spectacular (7 inch screen) so that you can read magazines and children's books too.  It can play music, has pandora radio, stores pictures, has wi-fi so you can go on-line.  I easily got to google and my email on gmail.  It can read pdf files (they say that is done using quickoffice but you can't actually open quickoffice as an app, the file just opens when you tap it).  However, even though quickoffice can do 'reflow' pdfs on my droid phone that feature seems to be unavailable at the moment on the color nook.  There is no access other than wifi -- but that doesn't bother me since wifi is everywhere and you can always sideload things onto the SD.


              I am very pleased with it since it allows the ADE downloads, has access to Barnes and Noble for purchasing new books, magazines and newspapers, can take an external card up to 32 GB and has 5 GB of memory on the internal card.  Although I have apps for Kindle, Kobo, and Borders on my Droid -- Barnes and Noble may wait on providing such apps for the Nook Color.


              I think I have finally found my 'almost' dream reading device!  And it is pretty cheap relative to other color devices -- $250.



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                The method described by mwlieu is the method that I use now (i.e. upload to txtr, download to phone, connect phone to PC, open phone's copy of book using ADE, disconnect phone from PC, read book in txtr). The method that I previously described doesn't work reliably for me, but this method does. I frequently can't copy books from ADE to the phone, but I can always open a copy of the book that's on the phone from within ADE, and this seems to be enough to transfer the license information over to the phone. As mwlieu noted, you must not open the book in txtr until after opening it in ADE at least once.


                For those who have been able to read books without ever getting ADE to recognize the phone as an ADE compatible device, are you certain that the epub you're reading really has DRM enabled? Have you tried reading the same epub file using the nook app? If it works in the nook app, then it probably doesn't have DRM, since the nook app doesn't support adobe DRM yet.

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                  I manage to access my DRM-files on my galaxy tab via txtr, but the fonts are really blurry - like there has been a reduction of quality due to compression or something. The ordinary pdf's appears as usual...


                  Others with that experience?


                  This is really annoying!

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                    First of all, the original post was made PRIOR to any android apps that supported ADE. Also, if you took your own advice and actually read through the messages here, you'd see that using some of these apps can be less than stellar. So this thread is actually warranted and helpful. Further more, some maturity on your part might help you from your  "sadness" and superiority complex. LOL!

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                      Im currently reading a nook book on my android 2.1.


                      Im certain it has drm protection because I tried to change it in calibre and calibre told me that it was drm protected.

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                        I'm having serious problems getting this txtr thing to work. I'm not a computer wiz, but I'm no dummy either. I'm trying to get my library books onto my android 2.1 phone. I have txtr. I have a ADE account. I can read the books on my computer, but I can't get them on to my phone. I've been trying for a loooong time. The problem is, the book files download as .acsm files. Txtr does not recognize .acsm files so I cannot upload the book to txtr. How to I get txtr to recognize that file type, or how to I get my computer to save it as an epub file?



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                          jitenderADE Level 1

                          When you open the acsm file with ADE, it downloads the epub file. Look in your Documents folder to find a folder called "My Digital Editions". The epub should be in that folder.

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                            jitenderADE Level 1

                            Yes, a Nook book can be read with the Nook app on an android phone. Look at the original post and you'll see that it related to reading library books. epub library books with DRM can be read on an android phone using txtr, but they can't be read using the Nook software.

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                              Actually I have been able to read other ePUB books in my Nook app.  The ones

                              from Aldiko can be transferred through the Adobe software.  DRM books form

                              Kobo cannot.

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                                Is this post still active.  I have a Droid X and yesterday download

                                ed the Overdrive App onto the phone and then just we

                                nt to my Library and checked out an epub book and it just worked.  Is that something

                                new?  Anyway it works fine on my computer with ADE and on my phone with Overdrive for Android.  Guess that is what you were looking for.

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                                  My library mainly uses e-books protected in Adobe PDF. I have managed to get a few books to transfer via txtr but inconsistently. The library only has a few epub books. I'll ask them to also get epub books.

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                                    New as of 12/7/10.  And you're right, it works like a charm - able to

                                    download books that were already charged out and can read on both desktop

                                    and android, or can find new books and download direct from and to the

                                    android phone.  It's been 2 or 3 years since I was last able to download a

                                    Adobe ebook to my Palm Treo, and it's a red letter day!

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                                      Pieter_v Level 1


                                      Found this on:

                                      http://mobiputing.com/2010/12/overdrive-app-for-android-ios-adds-support-for-epub-books-fr om-public-libraries/


                                      OverDrive Media Console is a free app for Android and iOS that lets you  download and listen to audio books from public libraries that use the  OverDrive service. But OverDrive doesn’t just power the audio book  lending services of most public libraries in the US, it also powers the  digital eBook distribution for those libraries. Up until now, though,  you couldn’t use the mobile app to read eBooks. It only worked with  audio books. Until today.


                                      This article goes on to give more info and does a review of this app.

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                                        jitenderADE Level 1

                                        Thanks for posting this new info!


                                        I'm typically a linux user. Checking out library books with ADE has been one of the things that requires me to boot into Windows, but no more. With overdrive on my nexus one, I can now browse to the library's web site and check out the books directly onto my phone. This is the way it's supposed to work.


                                        txtr was good when it was my only option, but overdrive is far superior.

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                                          kgriffall Level 1

                                          Thanks for the link.  It guess I just tried to use the Android Phone for books at the right time.  Seems to work though and as the review mentioned, "I'm grateful for the fact that it works even if it isn't perfect" .   Now if I can just figure out how to dim or change the page color in ADE it will be better reading at night in a dark room.

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                                            bookskt Level 1

                                            Overdrive saves the day!!  I had Overdrive on my phone to listen to audiobooks but had

                                            taken it off because it could only do MP3 and not WMA.  It was easier just to put audiobooks

                                            on to my Sanyo Fuz which is really tiny and cheap with a long-lasting battery and could do either.


                                            I am so happy with the news from the other contributors to this board that

                                            the Overdrive app could now do epub books as of 12/6/2010!!  I could never get txtr to work for me.

                                            (Of course this would happen the week after I finally bought an ereader -- the Nook Color).

                                            I downloaded Overdrive to my Android phone and within minutes I was

                                            connected to my library and downloaded the books I had checked out for

                                            my Nook Color.  So now I can have my library books on both devices so if one runs out

                                            of battery I have a back-up.  Or, if I don't feel like carrying around the Nook.


                                            This now gives my phone pretty much complete access because on my Droid I have

                                            apps for Nook, Borders, Kindle, Ereader (fictionwise) and Kobo.  I discovered I can also

                                            download Kobo books through my laptop ADE and move them from there to my Nook

                                            (the Nook doesn't have an app market yet).  Of course there is still the problem with the Droid and

                                            WMA audiobooks -- but the Sanyo is so tiny it isn't a burden.  Now I just need a Droid with a

                                            bigger screen.  Everything is converging.


                                            See Adobe -- people have been asking for this for more than a year and you never did anything --

                                            other apps developers had to do the job of a producing a decent product for reading DRM library books

                                            on android phones.

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                                              Vomonte Level 1

                                              I have Overdrive on my Droid X android phone, but it only allows for ePub books... I am having trouble with the PDF version of the books.  The app is telling me to download it on my computer and then move it to my phone, but I cant get the Overdrive app to see the books..  I also have an QuickOffice that came with my phone that has a PDF reader,  and with that I can find the file, but it asks for a password to read it...


                                              I also have the Aldiko app and again I cannot get the app to find the books. I may be doing something wrong with it, as I only drag and drop the files into the Aldiko folder on the phone... pretty new to this stuff.

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                                                Have you tried the txtr app?  If you follow directions posted by " jitenderADE" October 1st it may work for this type of file.  It worked great for me w/library epub books until Overdrive came out with the Android app allowing direct downloads to device, love it!! 

                                                You will have to use your Adobe username (your email address) and password as registered on the adobe site with either of these readers though.

                                                Good Luck!

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                                                  kgriffall Level 1

                                                  Sorry Vomonte but I only use the epub books on overdrive and don't use Overdrive  on my computer.  However I do have several PDF books (free ones) and they show  up and open very nicely on the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software on my computer.  I use ADE  version for windows and it works very well for reading PDF books and  Epub books.  Be aware that it is very different than the Adobe Reader software  that is for pdf files which are not protected by Adobe DRM.   Maybe you can transfer the book from ADE into Overdrive  on your android.  Hope this helps.

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                                                    kgriffall Level 1
                                                    I also have the Aldiko app and again I cannot get the app to find the
                                                    books. I may be doing something wrong with it, as I only drag and drop
                                                    the files into the Aldiko folder on the phone...

                                                    Sorry but I forgot about this part of the message.  Aldiko is indeed an Android reader that supports epub books.  What you need to remember when dealing with this whole thing is that "epub" books are based on the epub specification and will be readable in any software that supports it; But (and this is a big but) not all DRM (digital rights management) is supported by each reader.  Many of the books in epub format are protected so you can't read them without the permission of the DRM software.  That is why you pay for some and others you can get from a library for a certain period of time.  The DRM software "is not standard" and can be a problem as pointed out in this quote from a wikipedia article:

                                                    "The EPUB specification does not enforce or suggest a particular DRM scheme. This could affect the level of support for various DRM systems on devices and the portability of purchased e-books. Consequently, such DRM incompatibility may segment the EPUB format along the lines of DRM systems, negating the advantages of a single standard format and confusing the consumer."  --Full article at this link  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EPUB

                                                    This is the problem you are running into.  Your reader must also support the type of DRM that is used by your book and for Overdrive that DRM is "Adobe Content Server".   Aldiko does not support "Adobe Content Server" DRM as far as I know.  Esentially what you download at first is a license file and then when you import the book into your reader it looks for the license file and if it is in the right place and active you can read the book, otherwise you can't.


                                                    Hope that helps more than confuses you

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                                                      Vomonte Level 1

                                                      Yea, I was hoping to be able to use what I already had on my Droid, instead of downloading TXTR and having to go through the enormous hastle it is to get books on there.


                                                      I talked to support at Overdrive, and their software does not support the PDF books from the library. (or PDF books in general)


                                                      In the end, I did end up getting TXTR and putting my PDF books on it and they seem to be working well.

                                                      Thanks for the help everyone. :-)

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                                                        lMoPerfect Level 1

                                                        Audio 2 will support the DRM of Adobe Digital Editions, I don't think anyone

                                                        (including Aldiko) knows when that will be



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                                                          ConanLibrarian Level 1

                                                          I recently discovered that Aldiko Premium was available in the Android Market. It lets me transfer epub and pdf's with drm from ADE to my galaxytab. I use the "mass storage" mode on the usb connection between the galaxytab and the PC with ADE -and the Aldiko app pops up on the ADE screen.


                                                          The only drawback is that the zooming-function in pdf-files is slow. And the 3$ ;-) but compared to the hours I've spent on drm-files that didn't show up on the tab -the two minutes and 3$ are nothing...


                                                          For the moment, I'm happy to read files I bought two years ago :-)

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                                                            kgriffall Level 1

                                                            It sounds like Aldiko will be the answer when they come out with 2.0 if it works as advertised.  This is a snippet from there website:



                                                            Aldiko Book Reader 2.0, Coming Soon!


                                                            December 8th, 2010

                                                            We have been working on Aldiko 2.0 behind the scene for awhile already, a lot of you have been asking us what Aldiko 2.0 will bring. So, what’s new? Let us share some of the highlights: in Aldiko 2.0, you will be able to

                                                            • Read Adobe-DRMed ePub and PDF files as well as non-encrypted ePub and PDF files, that means you can use Aldiko 2.0 to read ebooks from most of the bookstores worldwide;



                                                            What  SOON is who knows?  But it could be a winner if it is soon and works well which I have no idea since I don't have or use it.  If you want to read more the link is http://www.aldiko.com/blog/

                                                            • 67. Re: ADE in Android?

                                                              Andiko 2.0 is available on the Android market and does work for me for

                                                              downloading protected epub's. The Andiko app is a good reading app, better than

                                                              OverDrive. They do say on the App that it can handle PDF's with DRM but I don't

                                                              know how to get them into Andiko.


                                                              Since my Library uses OverDrive and OverDrive's App only deals with epub, I

                                                              could not send PDFs with DRM



                                                              • 68. Re: ADE in Android?

                                                                Vomonte wrote:

                                                                I also have the Aldiko app and again I cannot get the app to find the books. I may be doing something wrong with it, as I only drag and drop the files into the Aldiko folder on the phone... pretty new to this stuff.


                                                                Wrong folder. Aldiko will import your books if you put the epub files in a subfolder named 'import' under the 'ebooks' folder in your Android.

                                                                • 69. Re: ADE in Android?

                                                                  @jitenderADE: post 21. Sep 8, 2010 1:07 PM


                                                                  Just wanted to say a big thankyou for your post - saved me a lot of time and effort - followed your instructions, worked perfectly on the Galaxy Tab

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                                                                    Vomonte Level 1

                                                                    Aldiko now has 2.0 available.  It now allows for reading PDF protected books from the library.  It is much easier to load a book onto Aldiko then Txtr.  First you need to go into Aldiko to log into Adobe Digital Editions and register the device.  Then download the book onto a computer with ADE, plug in your device and use ADE to transfer the book.  Finally you open Aldiko, choose the SD card option, and find the book in your Digital Editions folder on your device.


                                                                    I did play with both Txtr and Aldiko 2.0, and I am a little disapointed with the features missing from Aldiko that Txtr has.  In Aldiko, if you resize a page for easier reading, the page setting does not save when you turn the page.  It also does not "lock" the page, so when scrolling down a page it tends to shift sideways.  Regardless, the ease of loading books to Aldiko wins out.


                                                                    This page will have more information.

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                                                                      Bought a Nook Color and it is AWFUL. Does not read my .pdf books because of some glitch (it's supposed to). It does not read .pdb books, even though Barnes and Noble sells that format. Trying to open a library ebook and it requests a credit card number and the opening information for use on my hard drive doesn't work. So, at present, it reads about 1/4 of the ebooks I own. I am afraid to buy any more until I can afford to get something better. Adobe has answered none of my questions; and Barnes and Noble finally sent me a boiler plate note that wasn't helpful at all.


                                                                      Strongly urge a pass on this ereader, at least until the bugs get worked out of it. Wish I had.

                                                                      • 72. Re: ADE in Android?
                                                                        bookskt Level 1

                                                                        I got impatient waiting for BN to upgrade the Nook Color to full android  support so i had mine 'rooted' by an expert i found on youtube ($60 -  or you can find the files on line and do it youself).


                                                                        Now it reads pdf  fine (including wrapping the lines) by using the regular android version  of quickoffice (or any other pdf reader app), I then downloaded ereader and can read my pdb files and  download them from fictionwise, have the kindle app to read those  books.  And, of course it runs just about every other app for android  that doesn't require a phone.  I've had it rooted for 2 months and have  had no problems, no bugs.  Still has all the nook stuff underneath.  It  is completely reversable back to stock if needed.  Only problems is that  overdrive didn't work right but can still download digital editions  from the library through the desktop ADE.  Love it now- - like a baby  ipad.


                                                                        In theory B&N is supposed to do this themselves (all the hardware underpinnings are there) but they have been dragging their feet.  I guess they don't want people to run Kindle and Ereader apps until they collect enough money from people by limiting what they can run.

                                                                        • 73. Re: ADE in Android?
                                                                          pmrx06 Level 1

                                                                          Too cool--may I ask you who you found on youtube? Unfortunately, 'rooting' is

                                                                          way beyond my knowledge base...Did you actually send him your unit (sounds



                                                                          Thanks for the info; if nothing else, it is nice to know it is possible!

                                                                          • 74. Re: ADE in Android?
                                                                            pmrx06 Level 1

                                                                            Found the files; am still awaiting a call back from the only techie guy in town

                                                                            to see if he can get mine


                                                                            'nootered'. Thanks again for the info.

                                                                            • 75. Re: ADE in Android?

                                                                              This worked great on my Samsung Transform.  Thanks for the easy to follow directions!

                                                                              and thanks to

                                                                              @jitenderADE: post 21. Sep 8, 2010 1:07 PM

                                                                              for finding txtr and starting this process.  It may be slow, but I can finally read my Adobe Digital Editions on my phone!  I have been trying to do this since July 2010 and am so happy to finally have a solution!

                                                                              • 76. Re: ADE in Android?
                                                                                pmrx06 Level 1

                                                                                Glad to hear it!

                                                                                • 77. Re: ADE in Android?

                                                                                  So i use an aldiko - and i even dont use PC anymore to get ebooks to the phone:

                                                                                  How to download acsm, Adobe ePub and Adobe PDF files directly from browser to Aldiko Book Reader?


                                                                                  posted this on Jan-15 20:23


                                                                                  To download acsm, Adobe ePub and Adobe PDF files directly  from browser to the Aldiko Book Reader, please first add the URL where  the files are located to the "My Catalogs" in Aldiko app, then open the  URL from Aldiko app to download the files. After that, your downloaded  eBooks will be automatically imported to your bookshelf in the app.

                                                                                  You can access "My Catalogs" at Home page of the Aldiko Book Reader app.


                                                                                  So its enough just to  copy and paste downloading acsm url from your favorite ebook seller... (and i after delete the catalog:-) book stays in the shelf)

                                                                                  • 78. Re: ADE in Android?

                                                                                    I have not been successful lately using txtr to get library pdf or epub books on my T-Mobile G2.


                                                                                    On my phone's txtr app, I download a book, it takes awhile with the blue screen, (at the bottom it says downloading 1.7 MB of 1.99 MB, etc), then a red box comes up and says, "Action Failed."


                                                                                    Has anyone else had this issue?  I tried both a pdf and epub book.


                                                                                    I have tried many things and many variations, including the following from your suggestions:

                                                                                    1. Connecting my phone to the PC, dragging the book in ADE over to my phone, then deleting on my phone the adobe digital editions files (or not).  Uploading to the txtr website on my PC with the pdf or epub file from My Documents\My Digital Editions folder.  When I drag a book onto my phone, txtr actually shows the book (in black), and one in gray (for me to download).  Both says "Action Failed" when I try to use them.


                                                                                    2. I have also not even connected the phone to the PC and just uploaded the pdf /epub to the txtr website.  It shows up on my phone's txtr app as gray for me to download.


                                                                                    3. I have deleted the phone's adobe digital editions folder.


                                                                                    I have noticed one thing on txtr's website.  When I go to Account ->DRM settings, and provide my Adobe password and hit save, all that happens is my Adobe ID is there, and the Adobe password remains blank.  Is that what you see as well?


                                                                                    (ps I would love to use Aldiko but I have to zoom in every page every time I turn the page on my little phone.  I love the Overdrive app- but only works for epub)


                                                                                    Any help would be appreciated!